Xtreme Muzik Tour with Big & Rich and Gretchen Wilson

first_imgGet ready for Xtreme Muzik the Tour, Saturday September 24 at the EnCana Events Centre. Xtreme Muzik – the Tour is coming to Dawson Creek and the EnCana Events Centre on Saturday September 24thThe tour features Big and Rich, Gretchen Wilson, Cowboy Troy and Two Foot Fred.- Advertisement -Sharing one eight-piece band on a custom stage that includes, of course, a fully-operational bar as the centerpiece, the unique show will offer something to fans rarely seen in modern touring – the co-headliners will rarely leave the stage. The music will not stop, as Big & Rich and Gretchen perform hit after hit and often join in on each other’s songs.Tickets will go on Sale Friday May 27 at 10 a.m.  You can get tickets by calling 1-877-339-TIXX or online at www.dawsonco-optickets.comListen to Moose FM all this week for your chance to beat the box office.   Plus, if you sign up to be a fan of Moose FM on Facebook, you’ll get the chance to buy tickets before anyone else. Just visit, facebook.com/moosefm and like the page.Tickets will be $80.99 or $68.89 a piece.Advertisementlast_img read more

What Business Leaders Can Learn from Professional Sports

first_imgHow to Cultivate the Skill of Being a Creative … AI Will Empower Leaders, Not Replace Them While leading a business doesn’t indicate anything about one’s athleticism, both athletes and entrepreneurs draw from a similar set of skills in order to achieve the same end: a cohesive, peak-performance team.Much of what athletes accomplish on the field has more to do with their mindset than bodies. Over the years, I’ve worked with a number of athletes — including members of the Miami Dolphins — to help develop focus, mentally sharpen, and read the lightning-fast signals their bodies send to their brains. Peak performance coaching has become a popular way for pro sports teams to improve their team’s drive — both individually and within groups — before problems crop up.As it turns out, businesses can do the same. There are several ways leaders can approach their teams so their teams are aligned, functioning at their best and accomplishing set goals.  1. Paint a picture that inspires unity.At a time when 80 percent of businesses aren’t tracking their goals and — unsurprisingly — a nearly equal 77 percent haven’t achieved their company visions, it pays to articulate an organization’s goals and keep them at the top of everyone’s mind. Unifying a team around a common goal can be exceedingly difficult, but it’s paramount to success. Whether chasing a Super Bowl ring or a bigger share of the marketplace, it’s a leader’s responsibility to paint a picture of success that’s so compelling that everyone wants to burn rubber to make it happen.While some believe an entire company needs to come to a consensus before rallying behind a particular goal, those in the sports world would disagree. Coaches and players understand that they’re all there to win a championship, but the head coach determines the content of the playbook they follow in order to make that happen.Business leaders can adopt the same mentality, taking feedback when necessary and appropriate, but ultimately leading the team toward a unifying goal and, subsequently, supporting team members in their efforts to reach it. Painting a picture that provides context for why that goal matters goes a long way in helping others visualize their role within the larger team landscape and setting the tone for true collaboration.  2. Make sure every role on the team serves a purpose for the whole.One of the more interesting components to football is just how diverse the individual players are across the team, namely in terms of role and physicality. For example, a wide receiver has a vastly different skill set than a punter — one is relied upon for his agility and remarkably sticky fingers, while the other has a highly specialized ability to keep a ball suspended in air with a tap of his foot. While they have different natural — and trained — abilities to fill that role and, in most cases, never play on the field at the same time, they’re nonetheless unified by the same guiding principles: train hard, play harder, winner takes all. When empowered to play to their strengths within their given role and under a larger unifying goal, magic starts to happen; we start to see a true team form.  Interestingly, Gallup’s “State of the American Workforce” report determined that playing up strengths, rather than trying to shore up weaknesses, made teams nearly 13 percent more productive. Those who use their strengths on a daily basis are six times more likely to be engaged — and retained. It comes as no surprise that in order to gain those same benefits seen on the football field, business leaders must assess their team members’ strengths to determine how they can work in concert with others with the greater mission in view.Unlike in football, however, when it’s often obvious where a player’s strength lies, it’s not always obvious what a team member’s true strength is and how it can be leveraged in a business setting — sometimes, their strengths can actually be best utilized outside the scope of their designated role. For example, a graphic designer might have valuable insights in developing new product designs and packaging traditionally handled by the R&D team, or a data entry specialist with a knack for processes may be able to find a way to streamline an existing process for another team. It’s important to remember that building a successful organization is dependent upon, among other things, a leader’s ability to recognize talent when and wherever she sees it.3. Cultivate a growth mindset among your teammates.I’m a big believer in the growth mindset. People with a fixed mindset believe their skills were given to them at birth, and they have a finite amount of talent: They’re either good at something or they’re not. Growth-oriented people, however, believe that they can hone the skills they already possess as well as acquire and develop new skills and abilities.Similar to the student who never studies for tests because of the “I either know it or I don’t” mindset, many players who are natural-born athletes exhibit similar attitudes. If they’re not good at a certain skill on the first try, they default to their original, seemingly more successful tactics or give up trying the new skill altogether. But as Tom Brady of the New England Patriots has proven, that’s not how players become successful. Well-known for his will-over-skill mindset, he emphasizes his strengths and knows that practice transforms his adequate natural skills into honed, unbeatable  techniques — and, unsurprisingly, it’s brought him more Super Bowl rings than any other quarterback. He isn’t afraid to fail in a relatively safe environment if it means he increases his chances to succeed when and where it matters. A growth mindset encourages people to try new things and risk failure when appropriate. Businesses that focus on perfection automatically inhibit their people from realizing their own, and ultimately the company’s, potential — they’ll never try because they’re afraid to fail. The end result of stifled efforts, of course, is a stagnant company. Rewarding new attempts, regardless of their outcome, develops outlets for innovative thinking and empowers people to take charge, moving their team past a fixed mindset.By developing a strong unit that comes together under a common goal, even when things aren’t easy, leaders and organizations can accomplish just about anything — whether it’s winning a championship or becoming their industry’s top performer. Related Posts How to Meet the Demands of the Socially Conscio… Tags:#growth#Leadership#purpose#Sports Curt Cronin A former Navy SEAL, Curt Cronin is the co-founder and CEO of Ridgeline Partners, where he capitalizes on his combined experiences and lessons from the military, academic, and business worlds to advise numerous organizations, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to niche startups, on how to catalyze an exponential culture of execution and innovation. How Connected Communities Can Bolster Your Busi…last_img read more

Consumers Urged to Settle Disputes Through Newly Established CPT

first_imgStory Highlights The tribunal’s establishment will “significantly increase consumers’ confidence in the system of redress.” The CPT is one of several provisions of the Consumer Protection (Amendment) Act, 2012 The CPT provides an alternative for aggrieved consumers to file claims in an easy, affordable and timely manner Persons with unresolved issues relating to transactions with goods and service providers are being encouraged to utilize the services of the newly established Consumer Protection Tribunal (CPT), to reach settlements, particularly through mediation facilitated by the Consumer Affairs Commission (CAC).This urging comes from State Minister for Industry, Investment and Commerce, Hon. Sharon Ffolkes-Abrahams, who explains that the CPT provides an alternative for aggrieved consumers to file claims in an easy, affordable and timely manner, rather than resorting to the courts, which could result in protracted delays and costs.The CPT, which was established earlier this year, is one of several provisions of the Consumer Protection (Amendment) Act, 2012, which incorporates a slate of revisions to the Consumer Protection Act, 2005.Speaking at the CAC’s Consumer Protection Act (CPA) sensitization workshop, at the Jamaica Conference Centre, downtown Kingston, on September 18, Mrs. Ffolkes-Abrahams argued that the tribunal’s establishment will “significantly increase consumers’ confidence in the system of redress.”She said the CAC’s expanded authority and the redress mechanisms now established under the amended CPA, will “significantly impact how consumer complaints are handled from now on.”In addition to the CPT’s establishment, other provisions under the amended CPA include: empowering the CAC to keep proper records of all complaints and actions taken and initiate investigations of breaches, where deemed necessary; levying applicable criminal sanctions; and sanctioning mandatory refunding of payments with applicable interest to consumers where purchasers elect not to accept goods not delivered within specified timelines advertised by providers.Mrs. Ffolkes-Abrahams said in the CPT’s establishment, “we now have a quasi judicial body” bearing the “characteristics and powers” of a court. She pointed out that the CPT’s functions will be distinctly different from the CAC’s investigative and administrative authority, while assuring that, should the need arise, consumers can seek redress in a court, should they deem the CPT’s ruling unsatisfactory.“All of this is in keeping with the Ministry’s mandate to promote and protect the rights of the Jamaican consumer. We remain committed, therefore, to implementing programmes and strategies to increase consumer confidence in the business environment and in the legislative framework, as we continue to protect the rights and improve the welfare of Jamaican consumers,” the State Minister assured.These, she outlined, include: regularly reviewing and modernizing consumer protection laws; ensuring effective redress for aggrieved consumers; and empowering citizens to become more informed and responsible consumers through better information and more education.The seven-member Consumer Protection Tribunal, consisting of four women and three men, is chaired by retired Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), and current Professor of Law at the University of Technology (UTech), Kent Pantry, Q.C.Its members, who were appointed by Industry, Investment and Commerce Minister, Hon. Anthony Hylton, comprise representatives who are qualified, knowledgeable, and experienced in the areas of law, economics, consumer affairs, telecommunications, information technology, business, accounting, and public administration.Wednesday’s workshop, held under the theme: ‘The CPA and You: Balancing Business Responsibility and Consumer Protection’, was attended by a wide cross section of private and public sector representatives, drawn from finance and banking, law, utilities, as well as non-governmental organizations (NGOs).last_img read more

Ontario teen charged for allegedly making online threat against US high school

first_imgA 14-year-old girl from Ontario has been charged for allegedly making online threats against a high school in the United States.Const. Natalie Lang with the Brantford, Ont., police says the girl was arrested Tuesday night and charged with uttering threats to cause bodily harm or death.She says the threat was made in an Instagram post that threatened a school in Hanover, N.H., and mentioned a shooting.Lang says the girl, who cannot be named under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, will be prosecuted in Canada.The girl appeared in court Wednesday for a bail hearing.Police say officers executed a search warrant at a home in Brantford and seized electronic devices.“Yes, she has been charged … but co-operation between our detectives in the major crime unit and the Hanover Police Department is still ongoing,” Lang said in an interview Wednesday.Both Canadian and U.S. officials said they were unaware of any link between the Ontario teen and the community of Hanover, but have not ruled it out.Hanover police Lt. Scott Rathburn said the force took the latest incident involving the Ontario teen “seriously.”“Our investigation lead us, through a search back of the IP used to send the message, to a location in Brantford and we then contacted police there,” Rathburn said.Extra security was brought into the school, he added, and they will be there throughout the week.“We will continue making regular contact with the school and also keep in touch with school officials so we can share as much information as we can with them to determine what their security needs will be in the future.”The alleged threat came a day after Ontario’s provincial police charged five tweens and teens with making online threats against schools in the province. Police reported a spike in similar online threats in the weeks since the massacre at a Florida high school last month in which 14 students and three teachers were killed.OPP Sgt. Peter Leon told The Canadian Press on Tuesday that Instagram is among the platforms where threats have popped up, and he suspected some might be making such posts in an effort to gain followers.Experts have said online threats tend to spike after high-profile school shootings.Aimee Morrison, a professor of digital media at the University of Waterloo, also said Tuesday that some teens make threats on social media in an attempt to gain notoriety and garner a larger following.— With files from Nicole Thompson and Michelle McQuiggelast_img read more

Player of the Year not the right award for Turner

Evan Turner will not win the Naismith Player of the Year award.The college basketball award is not equivalent to the NBA Most Valuable Player award, which is why Ohio State’s junior guard will not win.There is no doubt that Turner would be on a short list for an MVP award. That can be supported by Ohio State’s record during his injury absence compared to when he’s been on the floor.However, he is not the best player in the nation. He can’t go onto a court and dominate the game regardless of what opposing defenses do to try to stop him, like other players around the country can.Turner cannot do what Kentucky guard John Wall can do with the ball by manipulating defenses to his liking to score or dish it to a teammate.Turner cannot do what Connecticut guard Jerome Dyson can do by scoring every way possible against the then-No.1  ranked team in the country, Texas.Even Notre Dame center Luke Harangody has a case to make with his 24.7 points per game, good for second in the nation.Yes, Turner is the best in the Big Ten, with the only competition coming from Michigan State guard Kalin Lucas and Purdue forward Robbie Hummel. Also, Turner should get a lot of recognition for his talent and his importance to OSU, who fell from the Top 25 without him. He will be an All-American at the very least and will most likely garner other accolades as well.For those who believe Turner should get the Player of the Year award as if it were based solely on a player’s value to his team, I have one name for you: Wayne Chism.The senior forward from Tennessee has not endured more pain than Turner, but his team endured a bigger loss than the Buckeyes.When OSU lost Turner, it lost its best player for a few games and anticipated his comeback so it could make the NCAA Tournament.In Tennessee, the team lost four of its players, including Tyler Smith, because of an off-the-court incident that involved their arrest. Soon after, the team indefinitely suspended those players.Chism picked up right where Smith left off and became the leader of the Volunteers, who went on to beat No.1 Kansas and No. 23 Mississippi since their dismissal.Therefore, the main case Turner had for winning the Naismith Award instead favors Chism. There is a lot of basketball yet to play and this could all change, but the fact is that the Naismith Award is for the Player of the Year, not the Most Valuable Player. read more

Baseball Noah West out for season with knee injury

Ohio State junior Noah West (8) runs towards third base as he scores the first run of the game against the Lipscomb Bison on March 15, 2019 at Bill Davis Stadium. Credit: Sal Marandino | For The LanternOhio State junior shortstop Noah West will be sidelined with a season-ending knee injury, head coach Greg Beals announced Thursday. West had been a late scratch from Tuesday’s lineup against Northern Kentucky.“He is going to have surgery next week, and we’ve got to adjust our infield defense accordingly,” Beals said. The adjustment, according to Beals, will be to move freshman third baseman Zach Dezenzo over to shortstop, which is where he played Thursday. This will open up the door for freshman infielder Nick Erwin and freshman infielder Marcus Ernst to receive playing time at third base. West was hitting .284 on the season with 9 RBIs. read more

Southgate happy for Liverpools success

first_imgLiverpool made it to the Champions League final this season and it is considered to be a huge success for the whole English football – and Gareth Southgate believes that it will lift the national team as well.The Albion manager insisted that it is always great to have some experienced players in the squad and thanks to this journey, the Liverpool players were able to gain a lot of experience which they can now use while representing their country.Southgate spoke about this Liverpool’s success as he said, according to Independent:“I think it is big.”divock origi, liverpoolReport: Origi cause Klopp injury concerns George Patchias – September 14, 2019 Divock Origi injury in today’s game against Newcastle is a cause for concern for Jurgen Klopp.Perhaps with one eye on Tuesday’s trip to Italy…“We want our players to be playing in those big matches and the experience for the likes of Henderson, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Lallana and Trent in the last few months of playing in those matches that matter.”“It was the same for the Spurs boys and Man City boys – you want them in those big-match environments.”“You want them to experience winning things because then they know what it has taken, the commitment that is needed and the mindset that is needed and that hurdles can be overcome and they have gained belief from being in those performances.”last_img read more