JAZZ is PHSH’s Adam Chase Explains His Top Ten Most Impactful Albums

first_imgIn advance of JAZZ IS PHSH’s album pre-release party and Thanksgiving celebration at The Cutting Room in Manhattan, NY on Saturday, November 26, 2016, JAZZ IS PHSH drummer Adam Chase shared some insight on the records that had the biggest impact on him as he considers what kind of impact he hopes the JAZZ IS PHSH record will have on its listeners.“As we are putting the finishing touches on the debut album for JAZZ IS PHSH, He Never Spoke A Word, (appropriately named, considering it’s an all instrumental record), I have been thinking about the albums that had the biggest influence on me as a musician,” he explains. “This is not a list of albums that I would claim are necessarily the best albums of all time or anything like that. These albums are simply the records that had the biggest impact on me growing up as a musician.  The main qualifier for the list for me had to do with how obsessed I was with the record. If I listened to the album enough times that I could scat out and sing every part, every instrument on the album, it made the first cut. (Kind of like how I can recite every word from The Big Lebowski).”So here it is:10 ANIMALS – PINK FLOYDWhen it comes to Pink Floyd, most would suggest Dark Side Of The Moon is the bands best album, and deservedly so.  I would not suggest otherwise.  However, for me, Animals was the record that got me to get stuck in a loop.  The way the album flows seamlessly from one song to the next, telling an important story of political corruption with masterful ease was enough for me to listen to it on repeat.  9 DELOUSED AT THE COMATORIUM  – THE MARS VOLTAThis record came out while I was in high school.  It was a tale of a man that overdoses on drugs and goes into a comma for a week; which unfortunately hit close to home for me. As a drummer and lover of concept albums, this record had it all.  John Theodores’ drumming and Fleas’ bass playing stood out to me and of course Cedrics’ vocals are unreal.  I was obsessed with the record. Anything Rick Rubin touches is worth a listen.8 THRILLER – MICHAEL JACKSONThriller came out when I was 5 months old.  The songs were played everywhere that year.  Some of my first memories are of songs from this record.  It didn’t hurt that it stayed popular throughout the 80’s and still today.  Like most people that survived the 80’s, I know every word to every song and thanks to Weird Al, “Beat It” and “Eat It” can blend seamlessly when my brain decides to turn on the radio.  Quincy Jones was on fire (always is) as a producer and arranger and with Paul McCartney, Eddie Van Halen, and Steven Ray (on the bathroom stomp board – whatever that is?) and a ton of other great musicians and engineers, this record deserves it’s place as the highest selling record of all time.7 MIDNIGHT VULTURES – BECKBeck has so many great records, can’t say if this is my favorite or not.  It certainly got a lot of mixed reviews, from being considered one of the worst albums of all times to being considered one of the best albums of all time.  This is, however, the record that had the biggest impact on my sense of performance and arrangement.  I have performed this record with The Chase Brothers years ago and for good reason.  With odes to Grand Master Flash, David Bowie, Prince, and The Velvet Underground, the album earned its place in my musical rotation for over a decade.6 KIND OF BLUE – MILES DAVISMiles Davis, Bill Evans, Jimmy Cobb, Paul Chambers, John Coltrane, Cannonball Adderley.  Together these guys made magic with this record.  My obsession with the record happened immediately after the first time I heard it.  Every note is perfectly placed, every scene is perfectly painted…it is a true masterpiece.  One of the things that always stood out to me the most was Bill Evans use of space in his piano playing.  5 MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR – THE BEATLESThe Beatles are tough for me to choose favorites with when it comes to making sense of their records.  Some people would choose the White Album, some Abbey Road. Both were obsessions for me, however, Magical Mystery Tour definitely had me tuned in the longest, if for nothing more, “I am the Walrus” is a life changing experience when you hear it for the first time (and the hundreds of times that quickly follow).4 CALIFORNIA – MR BUNGLECalifornia came out with high school.  To me the genius of the album cannot be over stated.  It’s Mike Patton and Co. at their best.  With that said, I lost a lot of friends that thought I was weird after forcing them to listen to the record with me. Seriously though, the record has so many styles and compositional elements that are executed to perfection.  It changed the way I looked at how writing music could be approached.3 A GO-GO – SCOFIELD, MEDESKI, MARTIN & WOODThe first collaboration between John Scofield and Medeski, Martin and Wood was my personal favorite.  Though I have enjoyed them all.  For the first record you would think they had been collaborating for years.  The album flows so well and is so tasty from top to bottom, I don’t think there is a moment in the day that I wouldn’t want to hear those songs.  I was 16 years old when the album was released and may have been one of the first records that I took the time to properly transcribe for drums.  2 ROXY AND ELSEWHERE – FRANK ZAPPAI don’t think I have met a musician that I haven’t discussed this record with.  “Echidna’s Arf” and “Don’t You Ever Wash That Thing” alone are enough to blow the mind of a listening ear.  The masterful compositions, performed exquisitely by the likes of George Duke, Don Preston, Bruce Fowler, Napoleon Murphy Brock, Chester Thompson, Ruth Underwood…(I should name every player on the record, but I will stop there for now).  If you haven’t listened, stop what you are doing and put it on.  Take note of George Dukes’ Rhodes solo and Bruce Fowler’s Trombone Solo in “Don’t You Ever Wash That Thing.”1 RIFT – PHISH My freshman year of high school I took theater arts as an elective (or whatever its called).  One of my assignments was to memorize song lyrics or a poem and perform it as a monologue.  My monologue was the lyrics to the title track of my favorite Phish album, and the most influential album on my development as a musician “Rift”.  The concept record conveys the experience of a man dreaming of the rift forming between himself and his girlfriend.  The imagery is rich and dark and accompanied by some of the most impressive musical compositions ever written.  What sets “Rift” a part for me from other album like “Roxy and Elsewhere,” is the depth that exists when you start to dissect the music and it’s compositions.  With a masterful fugue in “All Things Reconsidered” to brainy and playful exploration in “Mound,” this record hits on all levels.  While some of the inspirational moments in musicianship on the other records inspired me, the rubrics cube of composition on this record had me working hard to figure out the polyrhythms and compositional patterns.  A great example is the break down that happens in “It’s Ice” before the piano solo.  While many of the records come close and some of them even have better elements of musicianship and musicians with better overall chops.  The full package of this record has had it sitting as my number one for a long time.  JAZZ is PHSH Tour Dates:11/26 — The Cutting Room — New York, NY12/11 — Shaka’s Live — VA Beach, VA12/12 — The Blind Tiger — Greensboro, NC12/13 — The Pour House — Charleston, SC12/14 — Smith’s Olde Bar — Atlanta, GA12/15 — Southland Ballroom — Raleigh, NC12/16 — Harvester Performance Center — Rocky Mount, NC12/17 — Salvage Station — Asheville, NC12/18 — The Broadberry — Richmond, VA[Cover photo by Ron Adelberg]last_img read more

BNEF: Battery storage prices falling faster than expected

first_imgBNEF: Battery storage prices falling faster than expected FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Greentech Media:The long-term cost of supplying grid electricity from today’s lithium-ion batteries is falling even faster than expected, making them an increasingly cost-competitive alternative to natural-gas-fired power plants across a number of key energy markets.That’s the key finding from a Tuesday report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance on the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) — the cost of a technology delivering energy over its lifespan — for a number of key clean energy technologies worldwide.According to its analysis of public and proprietary data from more than 7,000 projects worldwide, this benchmark LCOE for lithium-ion batteries has fallen by 35 percent, to $187 per megawatt-hour, since the first half of 2018. This precipitous decline has outpaced the continuing slide in LCOE for solar PV and onshore and offshore wind power.Over the past year, offshore wind saw a 24 percent decline in LCOE to fall below $100 per megawatt-hour, compared to about $220 per megawatt-hour only five years ago. The benchmark LCOE for onshore wind and solar PV fell by 10 percent and 18 percent, respectively, to reach $50 and $57 per megawatt-hour for projects starting construction in early 2019.Even so, the pace of the decline in battery LCOE, particularly for multi-hour storage applications that previous generations of lithium-ion technologies have struggled to provide, is startling, BNEF notes. Since 2012, the benchmark LCOE of lithium-ion batteries configured to supply four hours of grid power — a standard requirement for many grid services — has fallen by 74 percent, as extrapolated from historical data.In fact, the LCOE for multi-hour lithium-ion batteries is falling to the point that “batteries co-located with solar or wind projects are starting to compete, in many markets and without subsidy, with coal- and gas-fired generation for the provision of ‘dispatchable power’ that can be delivered whenever the grid needs it (as opposed to only when the wind is blowing, or the sun is shining),” the report notes.More: Report: Levelized cost of energy for lithium-ion batteries is plummetinglast_img read more

Simon O’Connor: Why we didn’t back euthanasia bill

first_imgNZ Herald 10 August 2017Family First Comment: Superb commentary. Thank you Simon.Throughout this term of Parliament it has been my privilege to serve as chair of the health committee. Over the last two years, it has been my responsibility to lead the inquiry into assisted suicide and euthanasia as requested by a petition to Parliament.I led a group of dedicated MPs from a cross-section of parties in listening to what New Zealanders had to say about this difficult but important subject. I felt it was essential that I maintained an unbiased, even-handed process, though I made no secret of my own personal concerns about the topic.From the outset, I believed it was important for all those concerned to know my opinion so that they could watch me and ensure that I behaved in a fair manner towards all sides and I have appreciated the statements by MPs and by the petitioner acknowledging my professional impartiality.Over 21,000 New Zealanders wrote to the committee with their own thoughts on assisted dying and euthanasia. Of those, 944 people spoke to us in person over 108 hours of hearings. This inquiry was the largest ever undertaken by a New Zealand Parliament and was the largest, most public discussion ever held on this topic.Now that the investigation is complete, now that all of the submitters have been heard, and the report has been written by the health committee as a whole, I feel I can finally say a few words myself.Before entering Parliament I spent years studying ethics and philosophy at university, particularly around human rights. Some might see these fields as impractical but they prepared me well for this investigation. My extensive readings, lectures, and discussions formed the basis of my objection to assisted suicide.I entered this investigation willing to hear evidence from all sides and was prepared to consider new arguments if they were presented. Unfortunately, the arguments in favour of assisted suicide and euthanasia are not terribly well-reasoned. They rely heavily on emotional experiences and intense ideologies. These are not the best foundations for building laws, but they are important and they do deserve to be heard.READ MORE: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11900872last_img read more

Will win all 70 seats in Delhi Assembly polls says Kejriwal

first_imgNew Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Friday said the AAP will win all the 70 seats in the Assembly election next year as he lauded the contribution of his party workers on his birthday.The AAP national convenor addressed his party workers who came to greet him on his 51st birthday. “I want to thank the AAP workers for their contribution to the party. In last assembly elections, we won 67 seats but this time we will win all 70 seats,” he said in a video posted on the AAP’s official Twitter handle. Also Read – India gets first tranche of Swiss bank a/c detailsThe Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) registered a landslide victory in the last Assembly election and won 67 out of the 70 seats in Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also wished the chief minister on his birthday. “Birthday greetings to Delhi CM Shri @ArvindKejriwal. Praying for his good health and long life,” Modi tweeted. Leader of Opposition in Delhi Vijender Gupta, his West Bengal counterpart Mamata Banerjee, among others greeted Kejriwal on his birthday. “Wishing you a very happy birthday, Arvind ji,” Banerjee tweeted. “Thank u so much Didi,” replied Kejriwal.last_img read more

Chideo Launches Flo Rida Insida Campaign For Charity

first_imgChideo, the first charity broadcast network, has partnered with GRAMMY-nominated recording artist Flo Rida to make dreams come true for his fans and for inner-city kids.Chideo, the charity network, and Flo Rida are teaming up to make dreams come trueAs a Chideo Celebrity Ambassador, Flo Rida will be creating exclusive content and one-of-a-kind experiences for the platform in order to raise awareness and funds for his charity, Big Dreams For Kids. Big Dreams for Kids and its signature program, the Florida Youth Football League, is committed to instilling honesty, loyalty, integrity, teamwork, discipline, sportsmanship, respect, leadership, trust and commitment in all participants.“Professional success is one thing, but life success is another,” Flo Rida said. “I started Big Dreams for Kids because I know first-hand that if you have a dream and stay positive, there’s no way you can lose.”The rapper continued: “Chideo gives me a place to connect with my fans, to share ideas and to give them a window into what it means to live my dream. And the best part is that together, we have a chance to make the world a better place for lots of deserving kids.”The charity network and Flo Rida are kicking off their partnership with three dream packages: • Get Flo Fit with Flo Rida: For $20,000, the donor and one guest will receive the opportunity to work out with Flo Rida. Travel and hotel included for a 1-night trip to Miami. • The Flo Rida VIP Dance Club Experience: For $30,000, the donor and one guest will receive the opportunity to attend a Sponsor-specified club with Flo Rida. Travel and hotel included for a 1-night trip to Miami, Florida. (Donor and guest must be 21 years of age or older.) • The Ultimate Flo Rida Insida Experience: For $50,000, the donor spends the day on set with Flo Rida and receives the opportunity to appear in his next music video. Travel and hotel included for a 2-night stay in Miami.Fans who aren’t able to purchase one of these “buy it now” packages can donate to the non-profit on Chideo for a chance to win the Ultimate Flo Rida Insida Experience, including the walk-on role in the rapper’s upcoming music video. Fans earn one entry for a $10 donation, with additional donations generating even more chances to win.In addition to multiple contest entries, donations of $25 or more will receive a digital thank you from Flo Rida; donations of $50 or more receive a poster and digital thank you; donations of $100 or more receive a t-shirt, poster and digital thank you; and donations of $250 or more receive a hat, t-shirt, poster and digital thank you; and donations of $500 or more receive a Flo Rida Flo Fit workout video. Those who donate $5,000 to Big Dreams for Kids will get to video chat live, one-to-one, with Flo Rida.The deadline to enter the Flo Rida “Insida” Fan Experience is 11:59 p.m. PST on March 2, 2015. For complete details (including free entry method) and to register for a chance to win, please visit Chideo.com or download the free Chideo app, available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch at www.appstore.com/chideo, and for Android devices here.For up-to-the-minute news and announcements from Chideo personalities, please follow Chideo on Facebook at Facebook.com/chideodotcom or on Twitter @chideo.last_img read more

CARICOM Ambassador Irwin Larocque on the Manchester Bombing

first_img Related Items:#IrwinLarocqueon, #ManchesterBombing, CARICOM Recommended for you Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp UN SG is Special Guest at Opening Ceremony for CARICOM Heads Meeting Wednesday Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppGuyana, May 23, 2017 – Georgetown –The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) strongly condemns the vicious terrorist attack perpetrated in Manchester, United Kingdom, on Monday evening.  The fact that the majority of the victims were children and young people makes this vile action even more heart-rending.The compassionate and helpful reaction by the citizens of Manchester to those in distress after the carnage, exemplifies the qualities of empathy and resilience of the people of the United Kingdom.CARICOM extends its deepest sympathy to the families who lost loved ones and wishes a full and speedy recovery to the injured.  The Community stands in solidarity with the Government and People of the United Kingdom as they confront this latest assault on their nation.#CARICOM#ManchesterBombing#IrwinLarocqueon Bahamas to take 15-member delegation to CARICOM meeting set in Mo’Bay, Jamaica CARICOM Inter-Sessional Meeting discussions conclude on high notelast_img read more

Gary Neville attacks Manchester United flop Fred

first_imgManchester United legend Gary Neville, didn’t hesitate to lash out against Brazilian midfielder Fred for not living up to his price tag expectations.The first season at Manchester United for Brazilian midfielder Fred has been below average, something that club legend Gary Neville has specifically pointed out this Wednesday and has stirred a bit of controversy in England.The Red Devils paid Shakhtar Donetsk a total of £50m for the player last summer with the idea that he would be essential to the club’s resurgence this season, but the reality that has struck all Mancunian fans in the face is very different to what was promised at first.Gary Neville has taken it upon himself to become the voice of all those unhappy supporters, who don’t understand why the club spent so much money on a player who isn’t top quality and has clearly become one of the biggest waste of money for the club in recent years.Many are quick to point at Jose Mourinho himself, but the relationship between the manager and vice-chairman Ed Woodward is what pushed the club to rush this transfer after the top options were rejected by the board.Jose Mourinho didn’t really have much choice on the matter, he brought the player that the club wanted to buy because they didn’t fancy spending more money than that.Neville Vs SounessNeville showing his ass here. Disappointing. pic.twitter.com/ENB7L78sgv— THE NORTH REMEMBERS. (@MidKnightGaz) November 12, 2018During The Gary Neville Podcast this week on Sky Sports, the former Manchester United player expressed his uncertainty against the Brazilian and complained about the elevated price-tag that was practically wasted during the summer because Fred hasn’t really played that much.“Fred at £50m, he started the first game of the season and he looked bright, he looked tidy – but does he look like what you would expect for £50m?” Said Neville on the podcast.“Does he change a game? Does it look like he’s going to defend your goal? Does it look like he’s going to connect back-to-front? At this moment in time, no.”“He is still developing. He’s still getting used to Manchester United and he’s coming into a very difficult position in the sense that the club aren’t the most stable at this moment in time in terms of their performance levels and the scrutiny that’s been on the club in the past three or four months.”harry maguire, manchester UnitedMaguire says United need to build on today’s win George Patchias – September 14, 2019 Harry Maguire wants his United teammates to build on the victory over Leicester City.During the summer, Harry Maguire was referred to as the ultimate…“So, I wouldn’t put it all onto Fred but you have to ask the question, where was he [on Sunday] in that central midfield?”He’s not been impressed #mufc https://t.co/qPzMfLt0Fc— Man United News (@ManUtdMEN) November 14, 2018But this problem goes a lot further than the low level of performance that the player has been showing during training sessions, this has a lot more to do with the actual owners of the club who care very little about the club’s well-being as long as it keeps generating revenue.As of right now and according to Forbes, Manchester United sits pretty as the football club with the highest revenue in the world with £581 million worth of total revenue.The Glazer family won’t change the narrative or their transfer policy as long as the checks keep on coming.This will result in many more flop transfers like Fred, because the board feels like they don’t really need to spend crazy amounts of cash in order to perform relatively well on all the competitions they play.This is increasingly frustrating for people like Gary Neville, a club legend who saw the Red Devils transform into one of the most successful clubs in football history under Sir Alex Ferguson, and are currently losing their prestige because of the terrible business they make by signing players like Fred.’Does he look like what you would expect for £60 million?’: Gary Neville claims Manchester United midfielder Fred is not living up to his price tag pic.twitter.com/Sau1H7TG1Q— Lilian Chan (@bestgug) November 14, 2018What do you think is the best solution for Manchester United’s poor transfer policy? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.last_img read more