Hines Ward Moves From NFL To TV Job

Hines Ward on the mic.Former Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Hines Ward showed his moves on the football field in arguably a Hall of Fame career and he showed his deft footwork in winning ABC’s Dancing With The Stars last year. Now, Ward takes on a new challenge: television analyst.The former Georgia Bulldog has been signed on by NBC Sports to work as an analyst for its NFL and college football coverage — a nice gig for Ward, who retired from the NFL in March after 14 years with the Steelers.The four-time Pro Bowl participant has a multi-year deal and will be a regular contributor to the NBC’s Football Night In America on Sundays and will be part of NBC Sports Network’s college football studio show on Saturdays. read more

The Scouts And Stats Agree Kris Bryant Is Going To Be Dope

Jay Bruce1.1.84914.3 B. J. Upton3.0.78013.8 David Wright2.0.83549.7 Jurickson Profar1.7.678-0.1 Miguel Cabrera2.0.76259.4 Even the messiah can strike out three times on his first day in the majors. Last Friday, Kris Bryant, the Cubs’ anointed savior, was called up from the minors after weeks of debate about whether he should’ve just started the season in the majors. There is an aura of myth to Bryant’s arrival, as though the stars have aligned to offer the Cubs a chance to fulfill a prophecy. Yet Bryant is still an untested prospect, and, as Cubs fans know too well, even the best prospects can fail to live up to expectations.But Bryant really is special — he’s the rare prospect that has both scouts and stats in complete agreement. Because of the unique intersection of scouting know-how and minor league data, Bryant is likely to match the hype.Let’s start with the stats. In this case, all we have to go by are projection systems, which take the minor league data of previous prospects and compare it with their MLB results to predict what up-and-coming players will accomplish. That’s no easy task — the minor league data is sparse, and performance is confounded by the effects of the league and the age differences between players.In Bryant’s case, however, the projections are so high that there is little room for doubt. No matter whether you look at FanGraphs’ Steamer (.260/.333/.498) or Baseball Prospectus’s PECOTA (.265/.356/.525), all the algorithms are in agreement in their preseason projections: Bryant is going to be a fantastic hitter.1This kind of agreement among separate systems often means greater certainty in the resulting prediction. ESPN’s Dan Szymborski, who runs another algorithm called ZiPS, tweeted that Bryant’s is the best prediction he’s ever given to a prospect.There’s no mystery as to how Bryant arrived at these projections — the guy hit between 60 percent and 120 percent better than average while in the minors, depending on the level. Still, Bryant’s projection is so extreme that at one point, the developers who run the projection systems became worried. In a mid-winter Twitter consultation, baseball projection system developers compared Bryant’s projections to make sure that they weren’t out of line. There was consensus: All of their independently developed algorithms were giving Bryant one of the top hitting lines in the majors.Even so, not all prospects hit as well as their projections say they should. The computers, operating solely on minor league performance, can fail to notice fatal flaws in a hitter’s swing, flaws that can be exploited ruthlessly at the major league level. That’s partly why projection systems aren’t as good as scouts at predicting how prospects will perform in the major leagues. So, despite their depiction in “Moneyball,” scouts are an integral part of evaluating baseball players, and that goes double for prospects.Scouts look at the shape of a hitter’s swing, if he can generate power, and how easily he adapts to a pitcher’s shifting tactics. Bryant’s ludicrous numbers in the minors were no guarantee that the scouts would love the tools he used to achieve those numbers.The scouts are every bit as high on Bryant as the projections. He was ranked the No. 1 prospect in baseball for 2015 by venerable scouting organization Baseball America. FanGraphs also put him at No. 1, Baseball Prospectus put him at No. 5, and a host of others ranked him similarly. All publications praised his rare, top-notch, seemingly effortless power. As with the projection systems, a consensus quickly developed, and that consensus proclaimed Bryant the best prospect in baseball.The highest-rated prospects of the past 25 years have tended to become great major leaguers — on average. Yet there are some notable busts, players who the scouts thought were destined for greatness but who ended up falling short. Orioles outfielder Delmon Young, for example, consistently rated among the best prospects in baseball four years in a row, only to turn in a disappointing, journeyman career. Projection systems aren’t immune to mistakes, either. Once upon a time, Eduardo Nunez was PECOTA’s favorite, but he’s since become better-known for hitting a preponderance of popups. There’s no foolproof way to tell how a player will develop or respond to the challenges of the major leagues.Independently, then, each source has its share of errors. Often, the scouts will disagree with the predictions, or vice versa. Scouts might see future potential that never manifests in the majors. Or PECOTA will fail to consider a player’s unfixable weakness against major league competition.But Bryant has the approval of both stats and scouts, which is why he’s so special. Using data on historical prospect rankings2Which are generously provided by Chris St. John. and PECOTA projections going back to 2004, I looked for players who received comparable acclaim from both PECOTA and the scouts. Here is a complete list of the players in my data set who received a consensus prospect ranking better than fifth and a PECOTA-projected OPS greater than the projected league average. Kris Bryant1.7.881— Jose Reyes2.0.72336.2 The names on this list combine for three MVP awards, 34 All-Star appearances and 273.2 wins above replacement3Baseball-Reference.com version. (a statistic that measures the overall value of a player, combining his hitting, baserunning and defense). Bryant’s predicted OPS, relative to the league average, is higher than the comparable projections for all the players on the list before they entered the league.Several of the above players are potential Hall of Famers (Miguel Cabrera, David Wright, Joe Mauer), while others have been merely very good (Jose Reyes, Jay Bruce). Notably, there’s not a true bust among them. Melvin Upton (formerly B. J.) isn’t a good hitter anymore, but he was excellent for the first six years of his career (just less than the seven years for which the Cubs will control Bryant).A few of these players (such as Profar and Wieters) have fallen victim to injuries. This is the kind of problem that can end the career of any young player, no matter how bright his future might be. But Bryant has yet to suffer any serious injuries, whether in the minors or in college before that.4Whereas both Profar and Wieters lost time in the minors due to injury. To the extent that players can be injury prone, Bryant has so far shown no such inclination.Bryant has won the acclaim of both the projections and the scouts. Rarely are the two in such resounding agreement. He is likely to be great, and while it may be too soon to be planning a parade, it’s not too early to begin envisioning a long period of Cubs offensive dominance led by Kris Bryant. PLAYERAVERAGE PROSPECT RANKPROJECTED OPSCAREER WAR Matt Wieters1.1.94113.6 Joe Mauer2.2.82346.3 Evan Longoria2.6.79940.0 read more

Football Kevin Wilson announced as new Ohio State offensive coordinator

Former Indiana coach Kevin Wilson calls in plays from the sideline against Northwestern on Oct. 22, 2016. Credit: Courtesy of IU AthleticsFormer Indiana coach Kevin Wilson has been hired as Ohio State’s new offensive coordinator, a team’s spokesman announced on Tuesday. Wilson will also coach tight ends.Ryan Day, who was announced as quarterbacks coach last week, was also named co-offensive coordinator by OSU coach Urban Meyer. Day replaced Tim Beck who joined former OSU offensive coordinator Tom Herman’s staff at Texas last weekWilson, who resigned from Indiana on Dec. 1 following allegations of mistreating players, including forcing members of his team to play through injury, had a career record of 26-47 with the Hoosiers in six seasons at the helm. During his time, the Hoosiers were 0-1 in bowl games before Indiana reached the Foster Farms Bowl this season, where they lost 26-24 to Utah.Associate head coach Tom Allen replaced the outgoing Wilson.Wilson coached at Miami (Ohio), Northwestern and Oklahoma before he was hired in 2011 at Indiana. Wilson was the co-offensive coordinator at Oklahoma under coach Bob Stoops from 2002 to 2005, then offensive coordinator 2006-2010. Wilson’s offenses frequently ranked among the best in the country over his eight years at Oklahoma, including a then-NCAA record of 716 points scored in the 2008 season.Since his introduction as Indiana’s coach, Wilson has been involved in multiple close matchups with the Buckeyes, including a 38-17 contest this year which had Indiana well within striking range at halftime. No word has been given by OSU as to whether or not the move affects offensive coordinator Ed Warinner. The Buckeyes open their season on Aug. 31 against Indiana, Wilson’s former team. read more

Player of the Year not the right award for Turner

Evan Turner will not win the Naismith Player of the Year award.The college basketball award is not equivalent to the NBA Most Valuable Player award, which is why Ohio State’s junior guard will not win.There is no doubt that Turner would be on a short list for an MVP award. That can be supported by Ohio State’s record during his injury absence compared to when he’s been on the floor.However, he is not the best player in the nation. He can’t go onto a court and dominate the game regardless of what opposing defenses do to try to stop him, like other players around the country can.Turner cannot do what Kentucky guard John Wall can do with the ball by manipulating defenses to his liking to score or dish it to a teammate.Turner cannot do what Connecticut guard Jerome Dyson can do by scoring every way possible against the then-No.1  ranked team in the country, Texas.Even Notre Dame center Luke Harangody has a case to make with his 24.7 points per game, good for second in the nation.Yes, Turner is the best in the Big Ten, with the only competition coming from Michigan State guard Kalin Lucas and Purdue forward Robbie Hummel. Also, Turner should get a lot of recognition for his talent and his importance to OSU, who fell from the Top 25 without him. He will be an All-American at the very least and will most likely garner other accolades as well.For those who believe Turner should get the Player of the Year award as if it were based solely on a player’s value to his team, I have one name for you: Wayne Chism.The senior forward from Tennessee has not endured more pain than Turner, but his team endured a bigger loss than the Buckeyes.When OSU lost Turner, it lost its best player for a few games and anticipated his comeback so it could make the NCAA Tournament.In Tennessee, the team lost four of its players, including Tyler Smith, because of an off-the-court incident that involved their arrest. Soon after, the team indefinitely suspended those players.Chism picked up right where Smith left off and became the leader of the Volunteers, who went on to beat No.1 Kansas and No. 23 Mississippi since their dismissal.Therefore, the main case Turner had for winning the Naismith Award instead favors Chism. There is a lot of basketball yet to play and this could all change, but the fact is that the Naismith Award is for the Player of the Year, not the Most Valuable Player. read more

Ohio state mens golf tries to rebound from disappointing Big Ten tournament

When it comes to the Ohio State men’s golf team readying themselves for post-season play, previous experience has proven that preparation isn’t everything. The NCAA selection committee announced May 7 that the team has earned a spot in this year’s NCAA Men’s Golf Regional held in Ann Arbor, Mich. The Buckeyes are coming off a disappointing ninth-place finish at the Big Ten Championship in Indiana, but coach Donnie Darr said the scores posted were no indication of how his team played. “We really weren’t that far off from playing well,” Darr said. “You can’t just walk away and say we played terrible because we actually played really well, we just didn’t finish our rounds off.” Darr said it is important to maintain similar preparation, but the team must limit their mistakes. “I think we prepare the right way every week,” Darr said. “Our guys work hard and play hard, but we just have to stay away from a big number.” And although this year’s selection to the regional tournament marks the second straight under Darr, none of his players have ever played on the University of Michigan Golf Course. “It’s the same design as our course,” Darr said. “But there are significant differences.” Players said they are expecting shorter yardages into the green, thicker rough and narrow openings throughout the course. And Big Ten Freshman of the Year Grant Weaver said he welcomes the challenge. “It’s just about learning from your mistakes,” he said. “You have to pick out what you did good and what you did bad and improve. We’re just trying to put everything together.” Weaver said the team has tackled those mistakes by playing at various local golf courses that will resemble the course in Michigan. And the Buckeyes hope to follow the lead of seniors Alex Redfield and Dan Charen, who could be hitting the links for the last time as collegiate players. But Redfield said he isn’t worried about that. “All I’m worried about is our team finishing in the top five,” he said. “That’s my only concern.” The team will need a top-five finish to advance to the next round of competition. Redfield said he is confident the team has the skills to advance to the national competition and he is excited to make one more run as a collegiate player. “I think we’re going to play well and advance,” he said. “And even if it is my last tournament, I’ve had a great career and I get to go out there and compete with my team and my friends, and I couldn’t ask for anything better.” The Buckeyes advanced out of the regional tournament in San Diego last year, reaching the match play round before falling to top-ranked and host Oklahoma State. OSU is set to compete against 12 other teams in the tournament May 17-19. Purdue is the only other Big Ten school competing in the Buckeyes’ region. read more

Ohio State womens soccer splits weekend matchups

OSU sophomore forward Lindsay Agnew (20) throws the ball into play Oct. 24 in a match against Iowa at Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium. OSU lost, 2-1. Credit: Regina Bonfiglio / Lantern photographerWhile trying to keep its hopes of making the Big Ten Tournament alive, the Ohio State women’s soccer team fell to Iowa, but bounced back against Nebraska.The Buckeyes (6-9-3, 3-6-3) and Cornhuskers (7-9-2, 3-7-2) played to a scoreless first half on Sunday before OSU broke through with three goals in the second.Before the barrage of goals, OSU entered halftime with a 4-1 lead in shots and 2-1 lead in shots on goal. Coach Lori Walker said the team contained the Cornhuskers’ offense through teamwork.“Everything for us recently has just been about taking care of ourselves and not giving away opportunities for other teams to capitalize on,” Walker said. “You do that by playing together and playing as a united group.”Things picked up in the second half when Nebraska senior forward Mayme Conroy scored the first goal of the game off an assist from junior defender Jaylyn Odermann to give Nebraska a 1-0 lead in the 57th minute.The Buckeyes responded in the 76th minute when a cross from sophomore forward Nichelle Prince allowed freshman forward Sammy Edwards to tie the game.OSU went ahead in the 87th minute after freshman midfielder Nikki Walts nailed a 22-yard shot. The Buckeyes cemented the victory after Prince finished a breakaway into an empty net in the 90th minute to give OSU the 3-1 win.The Buckeyes outshot Nebraska, 25-7, in the game.Senior midfielder Ellyn Gruber said the Cornhuskers’ style of play was a challenge but OSU was able to match it.“They were very physical and very aggressive,” Gruber said. “I think we handled that aggression very well and played physical right back.”Walker praised the team’s ability to respond after giving up a goal in the second half. “If anyone has had the best training in adversity this season, it’s been our squad,” Walker said. “We got down and were able to pick ourselves back up.” The win was the first for the Buckeyes since defeating Northwestern on Sept. 28. OSU had gone 0-3-3 since that game. Prince said getting the win felt like the culmination of the stretch.  “We’ve been on a very long journey,” Prince said. “We’ve been working really hard and it’s been hard to get results, but we’ve pushed through and haven’t given up yet.”It was a different story when the Buckeyes played Iowa on Friday. The Hawkeyes took the early lead after senior forward Cloe Lacasse put a header in the back of the OSU net in the fifth minute. The rest of the first half remained quiet as the Hawkeyes took a 1-0 lead into halftime. Iowa scored again, as a free kick from senior defender Melanie Pickert doubled the lead in the 80th minute. OSU got on the board in the 86th minute after Prince converted off an assist from sophomore forward Taylor Schissler. The Buckeyes weren’t able to tie it up, giving Iowa the 2-1 win.The Buckeyes are scheduled to play their final game of the regular season against Rutgers on Friday at 7 p.m. at Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium. read more

Football Potential trap games for Ohio State

Ohio State freshman defensive end Chase Young (2) sacks Maryland quarterback Caleb Rowe and forces a fumble during the Ohio State-Maryland game on Oct. 7. Ohio State won 62-14. Credit: Jack Westerheide | Managing Editor for DesignDespite an early season loss to No. 5 Oklahoma, Ohio State seemed to be well on its way to another College Football Playoff appearance, beating No. 2 Penn State in a thriller on Oct. 28, 2017. That is, until the Buckeyes traveled to Kinnick Stadium In Iowa City and fell to Iowa 55-24. This season, with another highly ranked matchup with Penn State ahead for Ohio State, here are the games that could be what the Hawkeyes were last season: a trap game.MarylandWyatt Crosher, Assistant Sports EditorNo. 9 Penn State might jump off the page. So might No. 14 Michigan. No. 21 Michigan State even shows up as an opponent to highlight on the schedule for Ohio State.But Maryland? Maryland just slips right through the cracks.Don’t sleep on the Terrapins so soon though. They sit at 3-1, are tied for the third-best record in the Big Ten and have a win over a ranked opponent — 34-29 against now-No. 18 Texas.The Buckeye offense lines up against the Maryland defense during the second quarter of the Ohio State-Maryland game on Oct. 7. Ohio State won 62-14. Credit: Jack Westerheide | Managing Editor for DesignThe offense lives on its running game, with a trio of backs rushing the ball more than 25 times thus far. Senior Ty Johnson, redshirt freshman Anthony McFarland and sophomore Tayon Fleet-Davis have combined for 739 yards and seven touchdowns this season on the ground, with Johnson and McFarland each averaging more than seven yards per carry.Maryland has also found its way through the air with redshirt freshman quarterback Kasim Hill. A four-star prospect according to 247Sports’ composite rankings, Hill has been a serviceable quarterback in his first year under center, throwing for 516 yards and three touchdowns with only one interception.For a Maryland offense that lives on the run game, Hill’s stats don’t jump off the page, but they allow for enough of a threat to open up the Terrapins’ run game, which could find more space with the lack of junior defensive end Nick Bosa.It is too early to know if Bosa will be ready for a game in November, but even with him in the game, Ohio State allowed three runs of more than 70 yards, two of which were to an Oregon State team that is far from impressive.The Buckeyes looked like a pass-first offense when redshirt sophomore quarterback Dwayne Haskins ignited against Tulane, while sophomore and redshirt junior running backs J.K. Dobbins and Mike Weber struggled to get much going.Maryland offers more trouble in the run game, allowing only 104 yards per game on the ground, No. 19 in the nation.Stats aside, because Ohio State is clearly the better team on paper, Maryland offers the Buckeyes the toughest placement on their schedule.Ohio State travels to College Park on Nov. 17, the second-to-last week of the regular season, in between a road matchup against Michigan State and home game against the Wolverines.The back-to-back road game is the ultimate trap-game trope, and it is the same one Ohio State fell to last year in its brutal defeat to Iowa that cost the team a shot at the College Football Playoff.Michigan State is a large enough opponent to give the Buckeyes a difficult matchup, leaving them vulnerable against the Terrapins a week later. More importantly, the Michigan game the week after takes a lot of attention away from a Maryland game many will see as a pushover before the huge rivalry matchup.The Terrapins have proven their ability to upset strong teams just four games into the season, and have proven to be strong running the ball and strong defending the run.Maryland offers the hardest road game on the schedule strictly by being the game before Michigan and after Michigan State. But it helps that the Terrapins might actually have some weapons to make Ohio State’s in-between game that much harder.PurdueColin Gay, Sports EditorHistorically, Ohio State has never had any issues with Purdue. The Buckeyes have won 39 of 55 matchups against the Boilermakers, winning both games against the team in head coach Urban Meyer’s tenure — a 29-22 win in Columbus in 2012 and a 56-0 beatdown in Indiana in 2013.Based on Purdue’s record through the first four games of the season, Ohio State seems to be on a similar path when it faces the Boilermakers on Oct. 20.Purdue fifth-year quarterback David Blough (11) carries the ball on a quarterback keep during Purdue’s 30-13 win over Boston College on Sept. 22. Credit: Courtesy of Dalani Young | Purdue Exponent Staff PhotographerPurdue has lost three of its first four games of the season, including an opening conference-game loss to Northwestern on Aug. 30. However, a trend seems to be continuing that the Boilermakers began last season. After finishing the 2017 season with a 7-6 record, with one-score losses to No. 16 Louisville and No. 7 Wisconsin, Purdue’s three losses in four games to start the 2018 season have each been by one score and are carrying a plus-9 score differential heading into the fifth game of the season despite posting a record of 1-3.The Boilermakers entered the win column on Saturday, defeating No. 23 Boston College for the team’s first ranked win since beating No. 23 Illinois 21-14 on Oct. 22, 2011. With redshirt senior quarterback David Blough, the Boilermakers have been doing the same thing all season. Blough completed 21-of-28 pass attempts for 296 yards and three touchdowns, extending his completion percentage to 71.6 percent with six touchdowns to one interception. For Blough, it helps to have a receiver like freshman Rondale Moore in the passing game. He led the team in the win over Boston College with eight receptions for 110 yards, bringing in his third and fourth touchdown receptions of the season. Like many teams before it, Boston College could not get its running game going against the Purdue defense. Despite allowing 138.3 yards per game, the Boilermaker defense grants opposing backs an average of 3.6 yards per carry, with the Eagles averaging 3.4 yards per carry on Saturday. Linebacker Cornel Jones has made a major impact in the middle, leading the team with eight tackles for loss, including 2.5 sacks through the first four games. Ever since Jeff Brohm became the head coach at Purdue prior to the start of the 2017 season, the Boilermakers have gone 1-3 against ranked opponents, never losing by more than 18 points to an opponent. After recording a 4-2 record at Ross-Ade Stadium, the Boilermakers are still looking for that signature win for Brohm’s tenure. After facing No. 9 Penn State on Saturday, Ohio State will not have another chance at a ranked opponent until Nov. 10 against Michigan State. If the Buckeyes beat the Nittany Lions on Saturday, Ohio State could have a period of time, with games against Indiana and Minnesota, during which it wins even if mistakes are made. With Purdue’s track record against ranked opponents and its ability to win at home under Brohm, Ohio State must have Oct. 20 circled on its calendar as a trap game.Michigan StateEdward Sutelan, Editor-in-chiefMichigan State has upset Ohio State in some key moments in the past seven matchups between the two teams.The Buckeyes lost to the Spartans for the first time since the millenium flipped from the 1900s to the 2000s in 2011 when Michigan State won 10-7 in Columbus. Two years later, Michigan State kept a previously undefeated and second-ranked Ohio State from a likely BCS Championship Game appearance with a 34-24 upset in the 2013 Big Ten Championship. Another two years pass, and Michigan State, again, kept Ohio State out of the College Football Playoff with a stunning walk-off field goal in Columbus to win 17-14 in 2015, later going on to win the Big Ten.Ohio State sophomore defensive end Nick Bosa (97) sacks Michigan State quarterback Brian Lewerke during the first quarter of the Buckeyes’ victory against the Spartans on Nov. 11. Credit: Jack Westerheide | Managing Editor for DesignOne thing has remained constant though about the losses for the Buckeyes: they’ve never come in East Lansing, Michigan.Despite winning three of the past seven meetings, the Spartans have not defeated Ohio State in front of their home fans since 1999. In fact, since the first matchup in East Lansing, Ohio State has won 16 of 21 clashes in front of a green and white-clad crowd. Michigan State’s longest home winning streak against the Buckeyes is just two games, while Ohio State is currently running a six-game winning streak.But this rivalry between the two teams has gotten interesting in recent years. Whenever Ohio State has appeared to be a clear favorite, Michigan State always finds a way to make it close or even come away with the upset. No. 4 Ohio State will enter the matchup this year as the heavy favorite over No. 21 Michigan State barring a collapse by the Buckeyes or an unexpected resurgence by the Spartans, who already sit at 2-1 on the year. Michigan State has not looked the part of a dominant team this season. Quarterback Brian Lewerke is completing 66 percent of his passes, but has a 5-to-4 touchdown-to-interception ratio. The running backs are averaging just 3.3 yards per carry and have only scored four rushing touchdowns. However, in previous meetings, Michigan State has almost always been considered the underdog. Rarely, if ever, have the Spartans appeared to be the clear favorite.Yet they seem to always be that one team that gives Ohio State trouble when everything is going right for the Buckeyes. Ohio State has a clear path to a championship? Michigan State seems to get in the way, or at least provide the Buckeyes with a worthy challenge. Even in 2016 when Michigan State entered the Nov. 20 matchup with a 3-7 record and 1-6 conference record compared to Ohio State’s 9-1 and 6-1 marks, it was only a failed two-point conversion with 4:41 remaining and a later interception that kept Michigan State from beating the Buckeyes. On paper, Ohio State should handle the Spartans. The Buckeyes are viewed as a national title contender and the Big Ten frontrunner. The Spartans are viewed as a fringe top-25 team. But in Spartan Stadium on Nov. 10, Ohio State could again be on upset watch. read more

Baseball Noah West out for season with knee injury

Ohio State junior Noah West (8) runs towards third base as he scores the first run of the game against the Lipscomb Bison on March 15, 2019 at Bill Davis Stadium. Credit: Sal Marandino | For The LanternOhio State junior shortstop Noah West will be sidelined with a season-ending knee injury, head coach Greg Beals announced Thursday. West had been a late scratch from Tuesday’s lineup against Northern Kentucky.“He is going to have surgery next week, and we’ve got to adjust our infield defense accordingly,” Beals said. The adjustment, according to Beals, will be to move freshman third baseman Zach Dezenzo over to shortstop, which is where he played Thursday. This will open up the door for freshman infielder Nick Erwin and freshman infielder Marcus Ernst to receive playing time at third base. West was hitting .284 on the season with 9 RBIs. read more

Emma Bridgewater fears for future of her popular pottery business

first_img“Now we are thinking why didn’t we be stricter and say, ‘you train as an accountant, you train as a lawyer, you train as a designer’.”The company, which was founded in 1985, makes all of its earthenware – including its famous “tea and marmalade” side plates – at a factory in Stoke-on-Trent.During the talk, Bridgewater, who supports British manufacturing, admitted she believes the best products are often designed “following a row” and said she is not tempted to translate the words on her plates for overseas exports because the pieces are quintessentially English. Emma Bridgewater with one of her trainees at the factory in Stoke-on-Trent Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. The brightly coloured earthenware is a favourite among the middle classes “They are all deep in their own careers, one of them is still at school and the other has just gone to university,” she said. “There are signs [but] in a very English way we said ‘darlings, do your own thing, no don’t worry about the business, it is all fine’. She also revealed she has “no idea” how many visitors the factory gets a year, estimating it to be more than 30,000 people.Joking that they had to be “very creative” with numbers to be allowed a brown tourist sign to the factory, she added: “The plain truth is we have no idea how many visitors we get. To get a brown sign you have to be very, very creative with the numbers because they ask you if you get 100,000 visitors and we looked at each other and go: ‘We soon will have’.“But actually we count till transactions. We’re not very good at counting… the number of visitors.” We do need to work out how to make the company stand up without usEmma Bridgewater Emma Bridgewater has revealed she fears for the future of her pottery business because her children are apparently uninterested in taking over and she is too “English” to push them.The designer, whose ceramics are favoured among the middle classes for their sponge-painted bright prints and quirky calligraphy, said the company, which she runs with her husband Matthew, will “diminish” in the next decade if they do not sort something out. Emma Bridgewater with one of her trainees at the factory in Stoke-on-TrentCredit: Martin Pope Speaking at Cheltenham Literature Festival, she said: “Of course we all think we are immortal but Matthew and I have acknowledged that if the company is still reliant on us in the way it is now for design in 10 years time there will be diminishing returns. “We do need to work out how make the company stand up without us.”The couple, who are both 54, have four children; Elizabeth, who is in her 20s and who used to help run a circus in Gloucestershire, Kitty, who is also in her 20s and previously spoke of hopes to go to art college, Margaret, who has just started university and Michael, who is still at school.Speaking about their relationship, Bridgewater admitted she is “desperately” trying to stop herself putting pressure on them. The brightly coloured earthenware is a favourite among the middle classesCredit: Clara Moldenlast_img read more

UK prison crisis in numbers

first_imgUK prisons are at crisis level, with a record 290 deaths in prisons in the 12 months to March 2016 and a 92 per cent rise in the prison population in England and Wales since 1993.Watch the video above to learn more about the figures behind the crisis. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img