The new algorithm will love Shanghai subversive change You are the master hidden

I think the love Shanghai new algorithm will be very focused on the content, will be before the "content is king" upgrade version, search engines have become more and more intelligent, you know the contents of the user and the search engine on the web more attention, high quality website content to attract search engine. But you have to note that not all belong to the original content is high quality content, this algorithm updates the value is not the original, but this article you can meet the audience, and the information is rich, the secondary demand extends out is enough to meet the search engine requirements, there is the timeliness of the content, that is you this article will give much help, more easily reproduced and user communication, enough to form heat both public topic, this should be in love with Hisense As reflected, love the good reputation of Shanghai should be in this algorithm on a good tool for identifying content requirements. read more

Shanghai dragon new year recruitment position should be considerate

is looking for a job when you really will find that although the Shanghai dragon, network marketing is very loud, but in fact about their job classification is not very clear, some enterprises on the surface of Shanghai dragon recruitment specialist, complete the work may involve multiple fields such as marketing, sales promotion, in fact it provisions this is not the case, but the situation of the industry, widespread. In this environment requires us not only to master the skills for the optimization of the rankings, blog promotion, WeChat, micro-blog marketing must have a good control, website operation, website construction, web design, website promotion and various categories are xinshounianlai, after all, in the network, the majority of small and medium enterprises, for all aspects of the investment budget restrictions, we want to make clear their own advantages, and then on the basis of advantages as much as possible to expand their scope of operation so as to do more work, take more chances. read more