Wang Xiao accelerate the construction of the core area of modern service industry

In June 6th, the Xining municipal Party committee secretary Wang Xiao and city leaders Zhang Xiaorong, Zhang Yonghai has come to Xinghai city culture center, Huangshui River greenway landscape renovation project site, Yangjiazhai resettlement village shantytowns project site, west district culture and art research center.

Deputy Secretary of municipal Party committee, acting mayor Zhang Xiaorong pointed out:
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Xining part of the public security fund serious breach of the larger gap

days ago from the city real estate bureau reporter learned Zhiguangongfang, part of Xining City real estate departments at present serious danger, and the amount of rain this year, it is leaking even in case of rain". Public houses by the real estate management departments have been used to repair the maintenance fund, the current maintenance fund gap is larger, the urgent need for maintenance, maintenance fund to be solved.

it is understood that the 4 housing part of original city real estate bureau, 4 District Housing Bureau was established to integrate the Xining Real Estate Group Co. Ltd., 340 thousand square meters of the original Zhiguangongfang 8 units by the company in a dilapidated buildings of 60 thousand square meters in the zhiguangongfang. These houses scattered, roof leaks, wall cracks, ground subsidence, wood decay, whole house deformation and insect security risks everywhere, the maintenance is imminent. read more

Xining new home appliances to the countryside this month

from this month, a new round of home appliances to the countryside to start work. The municipal government will implement the policy of subsidies for home appliances to the countryside from August 1, 2013 to July 31, 2014, and the government will subsidize the purchase of color TV sets, refrigerators, washing machines and 4 kinds of household electrical appliances.

a new round of home appliances to the countryside for the purpose of subsidies for farmers and household registration and purchase more than four types of products, subsidies for the sale price of the standard price of 13% but not exceeding the maximum subsidy standards. This work is based on the one hand, the provincial government on the implementation of home appliances to the countryside policy arrangements, in accordance with the "notice" issued by Qinghai Province, home appliances to the countryside policy implementation plan, actively expand domestic demand and further expand consumption, enhance the role of consumption in the economy at the same time, in order to further enhance the farmers’ consumption capacity, accelerate the upgrading of upgrading of consumption of farmers and herdsmen, cultivate new growth point of the market. On the other hand, through to continue to carry out the work of home appliances to the countryside, to guide the establishment of suitable for consumption characteristics of rural pastoral production and circulation system, activate the purchasing power of farmers and herdsmen, accelerate the upgrading of rural consumption, improve the quality of life of farmers and herdsmen, expand consumption in rural and pastoral areas, promoting the construction of socialist new countryside. (author: Xiao Yu, Finance)
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Xining Municipal Bureau of Taxation to open the moral lecture pass positive energy

sing a song, recite a poem, watch a short film, tell a story…… Recently, the Xining Municipal Bureau of internal revenue, moral lecture in the Bureau of national tax cadres chorus singing Lei Feng learn good example in the song kicked off.

activities, the Bureau of cadres and workers to recite classical poetry, Lei Feng, and Guo Mingyi moved Qinghai ten people watched the video about Tian Yuying, learning the IRS East District of Comrade Wang Jianhai dedicated the story. We will speak to talk about feelings, talk about experience, have said: to advanced models as an example, to enhance their own moral self-cultivation to make a love in the family respect and care for children, the work of dedicated, honest and trustworthy people in society. read more

West District Xining City West Main Street hit the city hit a battle

March 6th, the West District of Xining city in 2013 the founding of the city work conference, signed the responsibility of the target, the West Main Street Office actively deployed, broke the city hit a battle.

according to reports, this year the West Main Street Street offices will be in a city as the starting point to carry out the "civilization" project, by carrying out various cultural activities, improve the residents of the community’s sense of belonging and identity, and strive to build a new charm of the west, the West area "people person" selection activities have been started, will give full play to the role of demonstration the leading role of the typical, in the area to create civilized, dedication than "good atmosphere; to continue to carry out our holiday theme, dig the essence of traditional culture, carry forward the traditional culture and heritage; play the" old ", the theme will experience, summer camp and other forms, strengthen ideological and moral construction; continue to carry out the" West charm "as the theme of the mass spiritual civilization, active cultural life of the masses; open Office of the public auditorium, civilized etiquette for residents, legal knowledge, common sense of life, traditional folk, security, employment training as the main content of the lectures, open up the public vision, improve the quality of the public. read more

The spokesman for training classes

9 month 26 days, the spokesman for the third training courses at the provincial Party school classes. The provincial ministries, provincial departments spokesman, municipalities (state) Party committee, government spokesman, part of the central unit in Qingdao, financial institutions, provincial large enterprise spokesman for a total of more than 30 people to attend the training.

from the Central Propaganda Department of foreign news bureau, China Executive Leadership Academy Pudong, Communication University of China, and leadership and a number of experts and scholars on the province spokesman qualities, public opinion monitoring and analysis, breaking news events and emergency disposal of teaching content. 5 days of lectures, experts through simulation and discussion and exchanges, enhance the understanding of the importance of news release, spokesman for the master the necessary knowledge, skills, strengthen the spokesman of the work, and improve the ability to promote the party and government organs dealing with the media and the public, establish authoritative, accurate and fast dissemination of news and communication channels. Establish a good image of the party and government organs, open and transparent, fair and rigorous. read more

Reconstruction of the newly built kindergarten 334

reporter learned from the Municipal Education Bureau, the city has developed in 2015 -2020 years of preschool education construction project planning, planning, construction, expansion and reinforcement of 334 kindergartens, expand the optimization of preschool education resources, efforts to solve the city park, Park kindergarten crunch, far from your problem.
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Xining Municipal Bureau of justice held summer legal lecture

Recently, Xining City District Bureau of Justice jointly organized by the judicial dabuzi summer youth safety lecture. The teaching method of inspiration, guidance, education, so that young people master the legal knowledge and safety knowledge, improve the enthusiasm of young people to learn the law, strengthen their self-protection and use the law to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests of consciousness. (author: Ma Juan Wu Jing Su ting)  

Qinghai Xining carry the GDP half of the country

the first three quarters of this year, Xining accounted for only 1% of the province’s land area and 39.2% of the population to create the province accounted for half of GDP, compared with the national 26 provincial capital city, the city’s investment in fixed assets growth in the first place, the GDP growth rate was second, a number of economic indicators in the leading position in the province’s eight city. As the provincial capital city, Xining’s economic strength increased significantly, the role of radiation is more prominent, the first degree in the province to further enhance. read more

Xining West District Committee held the six plenary session of the thirteen

"three" buildings of the hull, alleyways become more sophisticated, large shopping mall has opened, the social management model innovation…… Over the past year, the West District of Xining to live in this piece of land on the people brought a lot of surprises. From January 8th, Xining City West District Party committee thirteen plenary meeting of the six session on the good news, this year, the west is closely related to the lives of ordinary people and things from the start, the west district to build a boutique city in the west, people become a happiness family circle. read more