Hefei equipped with the nternet to promote college students entrepreneurship

now college students employment and entrepreneurship issues has been attracting the attention of the whole society, at the same time, there are more and more universities and social public attention in college students’ entrepreneurship, and the new era, and the Internet is closely related to the entrepreneurship of College students.

in the boom of entrepreneurship, four college students of Anhui Agriculture University, while learning, while walking on the road of entrepreneurship. The first order, four people moved a truck steel, they deeply appreciate the hardships of entrepreneurship. The future, they will be equipped with "Internet plus" photovoltaic agricultural express, with advanced technology to increase the motivation for entrepreneurship.


2014 in April, at the Anhui Agriculture University Graduate School of agricultural biological environment and energy engineering master Choi Bowen and several classmates, founder of the Anhui Feng Hui agricultural science and technology limited company, "the main thing is to undertake the construction of the greenhouse business." In July, they successfully received the first single, they excited to join hands.

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Equipped with

the future they will be equipped with "Internet +" express, the PV industry and Internet connection, the realization of NC production. The master’s graduation in order to further enhance the technology of the enterprise, is preparing to go to Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University to study for a doctorate.

the territory in Hefei, equipped with "Internet +" business platform, but also for the majority of the student entrepreneurs to bring up a good business environment and opportunities, but also will have more and more entrepreneurs to embark on the road of entrepreneurship.