Human resource dispatch to achieve your wealth dream

said the dispatch of human resources, many people may not know, many companies in order to save costs, human resources and other departments have implemented outsourcing measures, the rise of the implementation of measures directly makes the dispatch of human resources in this industry, the dispatch of human resources will become a rare investment project!

15 million new jobs. In the meantime, they predict the growth rate of close to 20%, is 2 times the growth rate of the overall employment forecast, "wal kvist added, along with new employment opportunities increase, employment services is expected to be the growth rate of the second industry. However, the potential of human resources in this field is far from being tapped, many people have begun to cast a net in this industry. Therefore, the best strategy to create a business is to develop their own blue ocean.

if you have served as accountant, lawyer or lawyer assistant, so you have to start the business relationship in the network, these professional expertise will ensure you have a leading position. Wahlquist believes that there are areas of great potential, including engineers, information technology, legal support, accounting, finance and health care. He also proposes to provide survey and employment referral services and partnerships with businesses to help them find talent in short – and long-term projects.

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