Shop operating small coup what

if you want to set up shop, business is good, so in the current business situation, but also need we can grasp more coup, so the security of business development, the store can create higher profits. So, a small business coup what? Let Xiaobian to analyze some tips for you.

in the retail business, if there are no good strategies and methods, then it is not able to attract customers, not to attract customers, it proves that our supermarket is not recognized. After this, if you want to make money is difficult. In view of this situation, we must formulate feasible way, in many cases, these seemingly insignificant coup but can make our operation smooth. Therefore, we should try our best to build their own characteristics, so that these tactics for the development of the supermarket to add a force. Most of the time, although it is only a small coup, but it can bring us surprises and wealth.

solicit opinions popular

since the start of the supermarket, I have implemented a strategy, that is, to solicit opinions from customers. This is I have a touch to take, I go to the post office, next to the views of this, let the customer to their own opinions written on it, so I wrote a few, did not expect the leader’s attention, when I go to work next time, those issues are to be understood no, so, it reminds me of my own supermarket, why not to customer comments? At the beginning, I prepared a suggestion, let the customer to put the opinions and suggestions on the above, the ultimate goal is to improve the quality of service, and then win the trust of customers.

this method has played a role. A customer said: "this is a really good boss, the last time I wrote a proposal, it is hoped that the store can replace the expired goods in a timely manner, did not expect to immediately get the boss’s attention, I really have to go shopping this time is a good date." With the development, then I set up a WeChat group, what customer comments and suggestions on our supermarket can use this group directly to me, the rationality and the suggestions and opinions, I also use the gift of return.

this recruit indeed as expected, many customers have published their own ideas. For example, a customer through WeChat said to me: "every day I pass by you in front of the supermarket, sometimes the car didn’t have time to shop, you can play in front of the supermarket special offer goods with electronic screen, so we can see the customer according to their own needs to decide whether to buy!" I think this customer is very good, very operational, so I bought the second day of the display, and the supermarket specials on the above. A lot of customers say: "this is really very convenient, see this screen we will know today’s supermarket specials.