Zheng Gang to develop innovative entrepreneurship education version 2

2016, China’s major colleges and universities will be set up in accordance with the provisions of the innovation and entrepreneurship education courses. In terms of entrepreneurship education, China is still in its infancy. Entrepreneurship Education in Colleges and universities should keep pace with the times, and build a healthy ecosystem with the characteristics of sustainable cycle. In this regard, we might as well learn from foreign top entrepreneurial universities.


"practice in foreign countries, closely related to entrepreneurship education in Colleges and universities and the development of society and economy." In the face of entrepreneurship education in Colleges and universities in recent years just unfolding, and mobile Internet represented a new round of technological revolution driven by the wave of innovation and entrepreneurship, College of management Zhejiang University Silicon Valley entrepreneurship research laboratory director, deputy director of the Institute of business Zheng Gang has his own views.

"but compared with Stanford University, MIT and other top foreign entrepreneurial university, Zhejiang University Entrepreneurship Education has a long way to go, on the whole is still in a stage of rapid development after the start, we call the 1 stage of entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurship education to accelerate towards the 2 stage." Zheng Gang said.

"entrepreneurship education Stanford University, MIT and other famous entrepreneurial university has become popular and sophisticated." For example, Zheng Gang, Standford School of entrepreneurship education, the most prominent is the business and engineering schools, several ten entrepreneurship courses, in addition to the medical institute and the Institute of education in accordance with their respective characteristics such as the creation of the "education", "business opportunities in bio Innovation: to discover and innovation" entrepreneurial course etc. whether students engaged in research, which on the one hand, can get to the entrepreneurship education.

"2 times more important is to form a complete ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship education." In Zheng Gang’s view, an effective university innovation and entrepreneurship education system, should at least include innovation and entrepreneurship education strategy and guidelines to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship in the campus culture atmosphere and encourage teachers and students innovation system, innovation and entrepreneurship curriculum system, a recommendation