Nail shop sales membership card to pay attention to what

for a variety of beauty agencies, membership card sales has become a very important means. However, if you want to better play the role of membership cards, in fact, there are a number of considerations. Only the relevant work to do in place, membership card can create a higher profit for the store. The nail shop as a classification of the beauty industry, membership card sales also become a very important means. So, nail shop sales membership card to pay attention to what?

first, the design of the membership card to the United States

women are emotional, many women for those good-looking, nice, nice thing is no resistance, as long as you can make them feel comfortable, even more unreasonable things, they can do. In the nail shop membership card design, try to be fine, just like nail style, to be attractive in order to attractive.

two, membership card should not be too much

general nail shop membership card level in three or more than five. Nail shop is the reason why the design of membership cards can be targeted in the face of each consumer groups, so that customers enjoy the maximum discount. Usually three to five kinds of membership cards on behalf of the five different consumer groups. For example, the general public customers, white-collar workers, the high-end consumer groups, etc..

three, membership card to protect the interests of members

nail shop can be based on the amount of consumer spending, the amount of the number of membership cards, gifts to customers some nail items. For example, high priced customers can send some hand and foot care, massage and other projects. Mid-range price and the general price of customers can discount, gifts and other items. In short, the higher the amount of cards, the more items donated, the lower the discount. In addition, nail shop must be done to keep its promise to protect the interests of members, so as to promote the nail shop membership card sales.

is now a lot of store membership card has become a tool for the operator’s profit, for consumers is not a bit of benefit, so that the membership card will not be sought after by consumers. So, if you want to open a nail shop, while trying to make the membership card really play a role, the above three points need to pay attention to.

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