Lu Hao governor of Heilongjiang province held a forum to promote innovation and Entrepreneurship

innovation and entrepreneurship focus on talent, talent is the main driving force to promote economic development and social progress. Heilongjiang, as an important province in Northeast China, provides strong support and help for the cultivation of talents and talents.

"talent in Heilongjiang will keep the hope." 12:30 at noon on November 21st, in Heilongjiang province will promote the work of innovation and entrepreneurship at the end of the student activity center of Harbin Institute of Technology, Heilongjiang provincial governor Lu Hao speech at the end of this sentence, as in the heart like a nail based participants.

"College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship in the next step of the work is going on." The meeting is Lu Hao’s twelfth special focus on innovation and Entrepreneurship of College students. Over the past six months, university research, government special meeting, held a general meeting, college students innovation and entrepreneurship has become the key words on Lu Hao’s work schedule.

direction is motivation. Since the Party Central Committee and the State Council to deploy the "double" work, innovation and entrepreneurship students work in Heilongjiang province has achieved certain results, showing obvious positive changes.

"edge, edge thinking, more listen to more pressure. Heilongjiang’s economic backwardness is a fact, but in the vision, the idea must not be left behind." Lu Hao brought himself to participate in October 20th in Jilin, the country to further promote the innovation and entrepreneurship education reform forum.

gap, more potential. "Why do not you have the potential to catch it?" Recently, the Heilongjiang provincial government set up to promote the innovation of entrepreneurial work leading group, headed Lu Hao, in charge of education, science and technology, agricultural vice governor and Harbin mayor deputy head; for students, universities and scientific research personnel, farmers 3 innovation important groups, respectively establish college entrepreneurship, technological innovation, entrepreneurial farmers joint conference system. Leading group and joint meeting held a regular meeting to study and solve new problems, work together to promote innovation and entrepreneurship.

"not the people of Heilongjiang recognize counseling level and personality." Lu Haolai in Heilongjiang for less than 3 years, not only has all kinds of data about the speech, more of the land, the people’s expectations. Heilongjiang’s most valuable resources and conditions are not just black land and energy, as well as science and education and talent." Lu Hao’s self-confidence is not out of thin air. He said, the Harbin Institute of technology, Harbin Engineering, Harbin Medical University, Northeast Agricultural University, Lin Tai and other 80 universities, 703, Kazakhstan animal research and scientific research institutions such as the welding strength is very strong, the potential release is an important field we cultivate new economic growth point. Give full play to the advantages of human resources, to provide a broad career stage, to create a favorable environment for the development of