Ten imported milk powder brands list of the top 2016

2016 imported milk powder ten brands list, along with the new era of globalization, Chinese become the world’s most important consumer market of milk powder, milk powder market competition has intensified, the world’s top ten dairy enterprises fully settled Chinese. In recent years, the international brand of milk powder in China is popular, so the baby milk powder rankings reflect the impact of the major brands of milk powder on the market.

network of small by users voting results, objectively describes the China market milk list 10 strong brands, 2016 brands of imported milk powder ten list, hoping to provide reference for treasure dad Baoma who buy milk powder.

imported milk powder brands first: good beiai te (Holland)

good beiai te belonging to Hape Nor Kay (Hyproca) group, founded in 1897, is located in the traditional dairy country of Holland, has richly endowed by nature advantage milk, from milk collection to packaging products, complete industrial chain and strong R & D strength and strict quality and safety control system, is Holland’s hundred years of dairy enterprises. 1938 production of infant milk powder, is the world’s first production of infant formula milk powder manufacturers, the world’s leading production technology, product line, quality control to achieve strict standards in the eu.

imported milk powder brand second: bullpen (UK)

1896 Nutricia founder of Martinus van der Hagen in Holland invented infant formula milk powder. In 1901, the Vander Hagen two brothers founded Nutricia, focused on the production of infant formula, in the late twentieth Century, Nutricia has grown into an international operating company. The company has developed a number of products to meet the special needs of various groups of people.

brands of imported milk powder third: good children (Holland)

brought from Holland – good child infant formula, mothers should not unfamiliar, the parent company of Holland Royal Fish Lan Can Pina company (Royal FrieslandCampina N.V.) founded in 1879, has been 130 years of history, the annual turnover of more than 9 billion euros. With the help of Holland agricultural scientific and technological level of excellence and the There is nothing comparable to this milk quality, milk, milk, cheese, butter and other dairy products and dairy raw materials produced by Fish Lan Can Pina has won a high reputation in the global more than and 100 countries.

brands of imported milk powder fourth: Mead Johnson (USA)

mead with its strong strength and excellent quality, in the formula list >