Underwear franchise brand innovation and development

underwear industry is now very competitive, many small and medium-sized brands are facing serious challenges. Many franchisees also face some challenges in the choice of brands, we hope the products more distinctive, more personalized, but the market is very difficult to find a suitable brand items, so we need to make some changes underwear franchise business move.

competition is becoming more intense, underwear chain enterprises in order to compete for market share, had to fight the price war, promotions and war. At present, the whole underwear chain industry in China is a big environment, the gradual increase in costs, profit is getting thin. Coupled with rising raw material prices and wages, industry insiders predict that 3 years after the majority of the three line brands and half of the second tier brands will disappear.

two or three line brand mud foot deep reason mainly attributed to homogeneity serious. The past one or two years, there have been dozens, or even hundreds of underwear chain brand at the same time the phenomenon of market. Not only the product style design homogeneity serious, but the store marketing model is highly similar, two or three line brand mutual reference, fuzzy face.

consumers often encounter this situation: there are several underwear chain stores on the street, in addition to the names of different stores, fashion design, product display method, shopping guide way, even the products in the store promotional activities are the same. Consumers in the face of stereotyped underwear chain stores as if playing guerrilla war, passing on to buy, bought on the forgotten, the rate of return is very low.

underwear franchise enterprises regardless of large enterprises or small businesses, need to subdivide the product, identify the differential positioning. Not only to differentiate products, marketing channels, terminal sales model, and even the concept of brand and store display are required to achieve differentiation.

underwear franchise brand features are not distinctive, personality is not prominent, it is difficult to break the siege. Only to find suitable for their own development path, and the general brand to distinguish, to attract more people’s attention. If you want to do worry investment business, it is bound to start from this aspect, to think about business problems.

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