Wenzhou businessmen teach you 4 tips for success

business people know that Wenzhou businessmen are well-known at home to do business, they even created their own culture, to create their own legend. So, if you want to start a business, how can you not look at how Wenzhou businessmen in business? Here, Xiao Bian will take you to Wenzhou businessmen teach you 4 tips for success!

"world money in the pockets of Americans and Americans; but the money in the pockets of the Jews", "God" of the Jews to change the economic structure of the world. The Wenzhou people from all walks of life known as the "Oriental Jews", with their wealth of action to prove himself not only to learn more than the Jews, the jews. It is said that in France, the temperature of a unique man, doing things gradually Jew out of the market, the world’s first Jewish businessman exclaimed: there are more than we do business!

as Jewish businessman

1984, founded by Nan Cunhui CHINT group is a registered capital of only 50 thousand yuan, only 10 thousand yuan output value of the family owned enterprises, in 2004, CHINT staff of 14500 people, the total assets of 4 billion 200 million yuan, sales of 11 billion 900 million yuan. From 1997 to 2001, the annual sales income of CHINT group and the average annual growth rate of total assets were 39.46% and 32.23%, respectively, much higher than the average level of domestic enterprises and the average of 6.5%. 2005 statistics show that CHINT group in the next few years will continue to maintain a high growth rate of 50%~60%. Around the world, and Nan Cunhui, like the temperature quotient abound.

in interpersonal relationships, they are skilled in the traditional code of conduct, advocate dignified and imposing shrewd. In the application of money, they should spend money wisely, they like to live, operating costs, the cheapest house, eat the cheapest food. On the other hand, after they spotted a project to bound the suddenness of a lot of money "hit" down, Wenzhou housing investment initiatives can be regarded as the one and only. In addition, Wen is very keen on philanthropy, millions, tens of millions of donations they think it should be reasonable.