Special delicacy join grilled sheep

a variety of food and beverage to join the project so that investors do not know what to choose dazzling, is a snack? Western food? Drinks? Fast food? These are the first choice for your investment, but Xiaobian noticed another big business, that is our national characteristics of delicacy, Roast Lamb Leg. Investors may wish to choose a suitable for their own is the best.

Shandong Mongolia Xiangyuan features Roast Lamb Leg join is a continuation of the connotation of Chinese barbecue culture, after many years of experience and practice of the barbecue store management to join the training company. The barbecue, sheep pot, special dish, segmented production process technology essence from cuisines.

pickled marinade exclusive formula, from Inner Mongolia factory has introduced the 7-8 month supply of high quality lamb, delicious mutton, articulate fragrant. Mongolia Xiangyuan Roast Lamb Leg features to attract customers characteristics, retain customers to taste. Roast Lamb Leg joined when hot choice Shandong Mongolia Roast Lamb Leg Xiangyuan characteristics.

Shandong want to focus on the advantages of the source to create the core products, professional smokeless barbecue equipment so that you do not need to invest too much to consider many issues, such as smoke. A brown, ten in the Inner Mongolia lamb turning fragrance in the customers table, don’t eat has the vertical extension of watering.