How to make full use of resources

if you can use the resources, we need to fully tap the natural, so that we can make resources for our business development has a greater help. However, how to make full use of resources, but plagued countless operators. So, how to make full use of resources?

resource exchange

so-called resource exchange, refers to the two sides to cooperate with their own resources and the other side of the value of resources to exchange, in order to benefit together. The exchange of resources can be customer resources, media resources, etc..

, for example, a clothing store and a shoe store can work together, to each other to the door of the store to distribute leaflets. You know, clothing store and shoe store business is not in conflict, and the target customer groups are highly kissing, this cooperation is a win-win cooperation.

resource sharing

has the same or similar customer groups of businesses to form a business alliance, partners recommend each other to each other, to achieve customer resource sharing, reduce customer development costs.

has a restaurant opened in the city to feel the fierce competition around, and the restaurant’s old mother is a guerrilla marketing. She asked herself: what are the companies that have the same customer in their own restaurant? She came up with the answer: the community barbershop.

so she dedicated to a 1 mile radius within the community hairdresser who designed the coupons and discount cards, and distributed to them. When every barber comes to dinner, she gives them the best service and makes friends with them. It was not long before the barber recommended the restaurant to their customers, making the restaurant business very prosperous.

resource borrowing

is a convenience store in cooperation with a pizzeria, the flyer to pizza box, the pizza shop together to the customer. Each sent a flyer, a convenience store to pay the pizza corresponding reward, because it greatly reduces the cost of the distribution of information, and effectively enhance the advertising arrival rate.

opened a new store, due to the lack of visibility, few customers interested. Because of the large investment in the shop, the shop owner has no extra money to advertise. Finally, the boss came up with a good idea. He came to a nearby movie theater, and asked the clerk to come to him a few minutes before the movie began. The movie was on the radio. "The boss of the XX clothing store."

when the show was over fifth times, the boss got up and left the cinema. For a few days, he in several nearby houses are modeled on. As a result, it brings an unexpected