Beijing innovation and Entrepreneurship Week ended a number of achievements

national double week activities gradually came to an end in the country, to provide a display and communication platform for the National City for entrepreneurial projects. The implementation of double week for the innovation and development of China’s venture capital and a large number of seeds of hope.

The new technology of

to fill the domestic blank

into the late autumn season of Beijing has been cold, but the temperature drop did not affect the enthusiasm of innovation and entrepreneurship. Just last week, the National People’s entrepreneurial innovation activities week was a complete success. Exhibition Center in Zhongguancun, the main venue, from the country to stand out more than a hundred entrepreneurial projects on stage show. Beijing is the country’s most selected area, the number of selected projects up to more than and 50, accounting for nearly half.

"our products" Ming Puno "is China’s first self-developed aspheric foldable intraocular lens, mainly used in the treatment of senile cataract." The main venue of the exhibition, the Zhongguancun high-tech enterprises love Bonuode staff said, the intraocular lens implantation to the human eye, the patient will be able to see the light. The product has broken the monopoly of foreign soft crystal technology, in the development of new materials and high quality optical design has filled the domestic blank.

"Beijing is the national innovation resources is the most abundant, the most intense atmosphere, the most significant areas of innovation achievements." Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission deputy director Peng said that last year, the newly established science and technology enterprises in Beijing more than 1.3, angel investment accounted for more than half of the country. Leading entrepreneurs, overseas entrepreneurs, continuous entrepreneurs, 90 entrepreneurs to become the main force of entrepreneurship, the total number of more than 30 thousand people.

relief "sandwich layer" loans

talent is the first essential factor. The day before, the Beijing municipal government issued "on the implementation of the views of public entrepreneurship peoples innovation vigorously". To provide opportunities for innovative entrepreneurs to increase income, improve the incentive mechanism for talent, become the opinions of a major bright spot. Beijing will give colleges and research institutes scientific and technological achievements independently recommended