Food and beverage franchise project selection matters needing attention

catering industry contains a huge business opportunities, making more and more investors look at the prospects for development, want to join the catering business. But in the face of more and more food and beverage items and investment information on the market, for the investment to join the catering business entrepreneurs, must be carefully chosen, so as not to be deceived. So, what should we pay attention to food and beverage investment? Food and beverage need to guard against the pitfalls and what?

food and beverage franchise project selection considerations

1, do not blindly believe in Advertising: business catering to join the project planning, the kitchen staff arrangement, budget and cost control and so on are very important, and is closely related to the entire store business is good or bad, not just the products can be done, and these things, only the headquarters sent home training or catering to the franchise headquarters site, can to learn, so you should pay attention to these advice is very important in the choice of investment, should not blindly believe that "technology is simple, learn" advertisement.

2, select the address: Catering franchise sites should be selected in the crowded and easy to form a stable customer base, such as walking street, delicacy square, shopping centers, supermarkets, tourist resorts, high-grade office building, business areas playgrounds, schools, subway station and the surrounding area.

3, do not blindly believe that food and beverage to join the project publicity package do not lose: we know that any investment is accompanied by risk, there is no risk there is no profit, which is the law of economics. For those companies that have a reputation for making a profit and not making money, we have to take into account the authenticity of the company and know that there is no such thing as a free lunch.

4, keep in touch, timely communication. When you choose to join the food and beverage company, please keep in touch, timely communication when there is a problem. Any shops, business will encounter many unexpected things in the course of business, so you and keep real-time contact headquarters, for your business is of great help to join the company with many years of practical experience and successful experience of other stores, can timely and accurately give opinions and suggestions to solve problems, save you can solve these problems brought about the suffering of Laughton, leave no stone unturned.

5, profits from the industrious: general industry profits will not exceed 20%, while catering to join the industry’s profits are around 50%, catering industry is indeed profitable, but to gold in the restaurant industry, is the first to do hard preparation, because the food and beverage industry from raw material procurement to daily management, are trivial and complicated the hard work. So it can be said that the huge profits are created by hard work.

gehangrugeshan, for lack of experience of catering investors, in choosing to join the project must be careful. Now on the market for food and beverage to join the project there are many tricks, one