Employment and entrepreneurship in Anhui ushered in the policy of spring

The promotion of

entrepreneurship policy development for the entire community of entrepreneurial activity has a very special meaning, especially in today’s popular stage, all over the country are actively introduce some good social policy to help entrepreneurs.

high gold content policy to promote entrepreneurship

"I will make great efforts to cultivate all kinds of entrepreneurs, for college graduates, college students quit school entrepreneurship entrepreneurship, institutions, scientific research institutions, professional and technical personnel from entrepreneurship, migrant workers entrepreneurship to give policy support, for example, professional and technical personnel and institutions approved to undergo entrepreneurship, retain their human relations within 3 years. In addition, we are on the threshold of entrepreneurship, to give relief period, the network of entrepreneurs to venture to enjoy the corresponding entrepreneurial support policies, these measures will give birth to a large number of entrepreneurs." Provincial Department of human resources and social analysis.

"opinions" will still be placed in the employment of college graduates employment work first. On the one hand, for this group will continue to give special policy, job subsidies to expand the scope of entrepreneurship has obtained student loans for graduates; Small and micro businesses employ graduates to give social security, training subsidies, training, retention rate of high reward, self entrepreneurship of graduates to entrepreneurship subsidies, tax incentives. On the other hand, to provide full service, before leaving school, to encourage the campus recruitment; after school, efforts to provide public employment services, employment