Entrepreneurial youth more shiny

struggle of youth has more memories and meaning, when you look back, when the pain is sweet, therefore, can not waste their youth. Comparison of kayar · Ilham road of entrepreneurship, not only throughout his college career, bring a different life for students around.


2012, his Urumqi biergai culture media Co., Ltd. was established. In three years, this is no business experience Uighur guy will not only the registered capital of only 30 thousand yuan a small workshop operation to have fixed assets of 500 thousand yuan start-up; let him proud is that one side of the partner because of this cause, again have the fine gas of god.

his entrepreneurial path, starting and uneven: Although the parents gave the start-up funds for housing and the purchase of equipment, but no business he often need to take living expenses to subsidize the cost. At the end of the year, the situation was so bad that I was finally driven out by the landlord." For a college student, the situation is undoubtedly embarrassing.

turning from 2014. In a year that the ratio of force kayar · Ilham was surprised to find that many students cannot apply classroom knowledge, even give up their spare time doing nothing. "They just don’t have a platform to play." He realized that entrepreneurship can bring passion to more people, set up a working group, convened more students to participate in the production of video programs.

"compared to a year ago lost their own, they are now very confident. The idle man becomes a struggling young man, because he finds what he wants to do." He felt that college students recommended