Do not ignore the process of returning home entrepreneurship

venture to give thousands of migrant workers a chance to do their own boss, with the gradual development of rural areas, coupled with the pressure of life in big cities, more and more young people choose to return home entrepreneurship. However, from the city to return to his childhood grew up in rural areas, but also need to face many obstacles.

the desire, the better is the opening story. But the realization of entrepreneurial dream, can not do without the process of hard work. Entrepreneurship is happy, because hope in the future; entrepreneurship is painful, because the difficulties in the present. For these "return" village entrepreneurial rural youth, to break out of a new world in the home, the process of struggle will not be easy.

from city workers to rural entrepreneurs, is not a simple role conversion. Compared with farming, there are more problems to be faced and solved. Where to start the business, how to make up the short board knowledge and skills, how to build channels and platforms, how to find market opportunities, business risk prevention…… These are the common problems faced by each entrepreneur, returning home entrepreneurship is no exception to the rural youth. And more importantly, compared with the city entrepreneurs, these reflux village entrepreneurs, have to face the reality of acclimatized embarrassing.

although entrepreneurship in the homeland, rural youth has to face the "The climate does not suit one. embarrassment. To overcome this, we must first entrepreneurs The climate does not suit one. "efforts to change the mentality of entrepreneurship, since in the village, they should take the initiative into the village, rooted native modern philosophy also bring to the countryside and adapt to the environment and absorb the tradition; secondly, the rural grass-roots should be continuous improvement in the level of economic development, industrial structure, infrastructure facilities and services and so on, let the young people recommend return