After the birth of the master of the barren hills to engage in planting alternative interpretation o

contemporary young people are willing to return home farming is less and less, while the 80 master has resolutely returned home to engage in mountain wasteland cultivation, is to promote the economic development of the hometown, hometown people benefit.

to the countryside "farming" white-collar workers in Beijing

2010, from the China University of Mining and Technology graduate from Beijing, was holding an enviable salary.

"in 2012 to return home, see home large tracts of land idle, weeds, I think this is a chance for me." Kuang Ding will immediately think of the idea of going home to the mother, and has been strongly supported. However, when the relatives and friends think he Dingtai too hasty.

in Kuang Ding seems to farming, it must have a different. For him, the most favorable weight is the science and technology of their own, so that the scientific research of colleges and universities to receive rural fields.

in order to make the laboratory produce greater economic benefits, we must improve the quality of farmers. So, Mr Ding built a self financing farmers house, buy a scientific cultivation of books and DVDs in more than 3 thousand volumes, opened Haitaibo farmers training school free training.

but a beginning farmer brother does not accept, he had a family home to persuade, to send a cab to pick up, ask them to eat in the cafeteria. After several training, the majority of farmers really feel the training of their species have practical significance, slowly recommend