Copy paper ten brands list the whole

as long as it relates to office supplies, copy paper should be the most indispensable. Do not look at the paper, but the brand is different, the quality of the product is possible, which will directly affect the use of results. Now, let’s get to know the ten major brands of copy paper, if we have this demand, to see which brand is more trustworthy.

copy paper ten brands list NO.1: Jia Yin – Xin le. One of the world’s leading forest industry group, the world’s third largest paper and paper products manufacturer, has a hundred years of history, UPM (Chinese) Co. ltd..

copy paper ten brands list NO.2:Double A. From Thailand, Bangkok, the Asia Pacific Group, Asia’s second leading pulp and paper group, the top of the brand of paper printing, the ten trade (Shanghai) Co., ltd..

copy paper ten brands list: NO.3 – Gaopinle piovan. Singapore Golden Eagle International Group (in 1967), a wholly owned subsidiary of large multinational companies, the industry’s well-known brands, Asia Pacific paper (Guangdong) Co., ltd..

copy paper ten brands list NO.4: flagship FLAGSHIP. Sinar Mas Group of enterprises, high-tech enterprises, one of the largest office paper production and processing enterprises in Southern China, Yalong paper products (Kunshan) Co., ltd..

copy paper ten brands list NO.5: lucky bird. The state protects the trademarks, brand-name products in Jiangsu, printing paper ten brands, one of the important national paper industry standard drafting unit, Zhenjiang Dadong Paper Co. ltd..

copy paper ten brands list NO.6: prince. Founded in Japan in 1873, Japan was the first company to introduce large-scale paper-making enterprises in Western countries.

copy paper ten brands list: sun NO.7. National protection trademark, the world’s leading multinational Paper Group and pulp and paper enterprises, the world’s top 100 paper-making enterprises, listed companies, Shandong sun paper Limited by Share Ltd.

copy paper ten brands list NO.8: Chapter TANGO. National trademark protection, high and new technology enterprises, Guangdong famous brand products, Guangdong province famous brand, ten fax paper brand, Guangdong day chapter information Paper Co., ltd..

copy paper ten brands list: NO.9 us. Asia, the first generation of multi-functional information recording paper supplier, Guangdong famous brand products, China’s light industry, cultural and educational supplies of famous enterprises, an Hing Paper Group Co., ltd..