Double 11 entrepreneurs welfare Ali cloud products will be half price spike

Internet era has entered the stage of the use of big data, many entrepreneurs will be included in the development of cloud computing product development and utilization. This year’s double 11 entrepreneurs who can be blessed, Ali cloud products announced that it will be for sale, specifically for entrepreneurs.

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envelopes, discounts, sweepstakes, seckill…… In the double 11 Ali cloud version is everything. Official website shows, where new users through real name authentication, you can receive up to 1111 yuan vouchers. Original price 324 yuan / month cloud server ECS to $32.4 / month price spike. 11.11 day consumption of over $1000, you can participate in the extraction of thousands of red envelopes.

A week ago,

, Ali cloud in the SortBenchmark World Ranking Competition breaking 4 world record 377 seconds to complete the 100TB data sorting, the previous world record of 1406 seconds. Obviously, the company does not want these capabilities just stay on a paper certificate, but everyone can afford affordable technology and public services.

it is reported that Ali cloud this year will be at the technical level more in-depth and comprehensive support double 11. Recommended