16 year old students to open the shop to earn 90 thousand to make people envy

when the advent of the era of the Internet economy, a large electricity supplier was born, many entrepreneurs in the field of electricity providers to open their own way to get rich, so that everyone envy. Electricity supplier is the first choice for young entrepreneurs to earn the first pot of gold in life.

"green kid", looks childish, you never see, they have electricity supplier in the sky flying free, fingertips, nearly a million monthly profit to reach the designated account. For most college students are very envious of me, but they are actually just school more than a year before the secondary vocational school students.

in Shenzhen District of Longgang City, the second occupation technical school, electronic commerce is dynamic and professional, every year there will be students with graduation. Double 11 approaching, the reporter walked into the school, a closer look at the growth process of the 2014 electricity supplier professional students, close to feel how much electricity supplier incense, entrepreneurship how cool.

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