Experts recommend the prospect of good entrepreneurial projects

with the increase in the market competition, a good entrepreneurial projects more and more, more and more difficult to find. Which projects are good? What are the prospects? Listen to expert advice. Look at what the experts recommend good prospects for entrepreneurship projects!

High oil prices are not

fashion plates

bulletproof fashion from the appearance and general fashion clothing is beautiful and generous. Its specialty lies in the lining of the clothes. Caballero put a bullet proof material inside the lining of a bulletproof fashion to protect it. British "Sunday Telegraph" 13 Caballero called "the world’s only producer of bulletproof fashion". Caballero’s bulletproof fashion career began 15 years ago during the civil war in Columbia, and he has opened several bulletproof fashion stores in different countries.

cheap consumer goods industry

"everyday parity" WAL-MART is the first fortune 500, to go the cheap fashion line’s (Uniqlo) founder Ryuta Masakae as the richest man in japan. In China, a populous country, between the high quality and high price of traditional stores and no quality assurance, no brand of wholesale market, just between the middle-income consumer.

in the store, let the consumer parity strategy to be extended down, closer to the public life, compared with Starbucks at the "atmosphere of experience" in the market of high consumption crowd, parity store service object is no longer limited to college or city white-collar workers, retirees, junior high school students and ordinary workers have sufficient capacity consumption.