Pink Talking Fish’s Eric Gould Talks “Stop Making Sense” Tribute At The Capitol Theatre

first_imgWe’ve seen a lot of great shows from Pink Talking Fish over the last few years, as the hybrid tribute fusion band continues to make a name for themselves by fusing the music of Pink Floyd, Talking Heads and Phish. The group has given us interpretations of Gamehendge, Dark Side Of The Moon, Animals and so much more, but their newest concept performance looks to be their most exciting yet.Not only will the band headline at The Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY, for the first time, but they’ll do so with special guests to the tune of the Talking Heads’ famed film, Stop Making Sense – with Pink Floyd and Phish included, of course – on February 3rd. Tickets here. Says bandleader Eric Gould, “We have created many concepts within our concept at this point in the PTF journey. The albums are extremely exciting because the performance gives a double sided pleasure of experiencing the album in its entirety live while also witnessing something unique with the songs intertwining.When thinking of these ideas, we’ve always known that Stop Making Sense would be a beast once we added the Phish & Pink Floyd Songs throughout the piece.  It’s a long and high energy track list as is.  Adding the other bands into the mix turns this into a 3 plus hour marathon. As a result, we have been waiting for a special event to make this happen. Headlining The Capitol Theatre is the perfect time to unleash this experience.”Not only will Stop Making Sense be played, but the band will bring on a number of special guests for the occasion, including Leo Nocentelli of The Meters, The Turkuaz Horns, Shira Elias & Sammi Garett of Turkuaz, Jen Durkin of Deep Banana Blackout, Jon Braun of Start Making Sense and Adrian Tramontano of Kung Fu will all be joining Pink Talking Fish for the show.Says Gould, “We knew that this concept would benefit from a spectacle. The film concert had the band get bigger and bigger during each song on the front end. We didn’t want to do exactly what they did because part of our philosophy in PTF is to provide a fresh experience. We decided to bring on a variety of special guests and treat it “Last Waltz” style.The Cap knew we were playing with Jen Durkin over NYE and they love her so that was an easy one. We love the Turkuaz crew and the stars aligned since they tour so much but happened to have this time off. Adrian from Kung Fu has been involved with PTF on multiple occasions. Our booking agent suggested Leo Nocentelli. I gave him a call and we had a fantastic conversation about the show and life and him playing with Bernie Worrell. He is very excited to be a part of this.Jon Braun of Start Making Sense is so good and we are really excited to collaborate with him. Who knows? He may even break out the big suit!”Not only are there are a ton of special guests, but the unique project Electric Beethoven will also be on as support. “Those musicians are amazing. PTF has played with Stoops on a few occasions and I go way back with Reed.  They are brothers in the “unique tribute” ride as well so the bands will connect well together.”With the special guests in place, the stage set, and the album selected, the band and their fans know that they’re in for a long night ahead. “I’ve had a lot of experience with the marathon set and I love it,” says Gould. “My longest performance was at Bonnaroo 2003 with Particle. We took the stage at 3AM and ended the set over 5 1/2 hours later after 8:30AM. There is a zen that you achieve once you are involved in a performance that reaches beyond the average “long” set for a show. Something sets in and there is no rush. The music that comes from this is a gem.”So what can we expect from this performance? Well, aside from all of the goodies mentioned in this article, the band certainly has a few tricks up their proverbial sleeves. “Are there surprises? Oh yes. But I’ll never tell! This is going to be a musical celebration and a marathon journey. My hope is that the audience experience for this show takes them on a path of endurance and joy.  The design of this show will have constant excitement and will provide a roller coaster of inertia.He concludes, “Performing live music is amazing. Creating a special event that is a larger than life spectacle takes the excitement through the stratosphere. What’s great about this collection of characters is that the full experience, both on and off stage, is going to be a blast. Artists from different bands often get together like this at festivals but it is rare when it is centered around a theatre concert production. We are ready and eager to bring this energy to The Capitol Theatre!”You can find more information about this event here, or enter to win tickets below.last_img