Business government welfare pay intermediary fee pass vote favored Entrepreneurship

believe that more people on the intermediary are not good, or even exclusion, for entrepreneurs, looking for an intermediary is a waste of venture capital. In order to better promote entrepreneurship employment, government paid intermediary fees, "a pass" vote favored entrepreneurship. There are entrepreneurial needs of people, hurry up!

"before we do that for high, intermediaries have to pay, and whether you identified successful or not, the money spent. Get ‘a pass’, the whole process is free, the enterprise without spending a penny." God power battery system Co., Ltd. R & D department minister Luo Zhimin told the economic information daily reporters.

Luo Zhimin referred to "a pass", the Tianjin Binhai New Area in the country’s first launch of the "innovation pass" system, in which the government purchase of services to third parties, free for the majority of entrepreneurs and enterprise innovation. Data show that the "pass" to launch more than half a year, high-tech zones were issued "high express ticket" 550 pieces, successfully identified 198; issued the "new three a pass 45, the successful listing of 16; issued to 1200 companies of intellectual property rights and pass", 8000 new patents.

"is not worry about not to have to worry about the policy of raising the cost of"

"enterprises in high-tech enterprises, there must be someone to run, to choose the service, but also to pay agency fees, both money and manpower costs. Although the high tech Zone has also been supportive of the policy, but the way to take the post subsidy, companies must advance the funds, but also to take the risk of uncertainty caused by policy changes and other factors." Wang Zhiyong said.