3 year old boy playing with a lighter burn sister a large area of the age of 5 years old girls will

, Guangxi, a 3 year old boy playing with a lighter to burn only 5 year old sister, the boy lit the bed with a lighter, resulting in a large area of the body burns sister, but also amputated fingers. At present, his family has collected more than 80 thousand yuan donation online.

last December 30th at 10 pm, Xiang Qiqi had been asleep, her 3 year old brother, I do not know where to find a lighter play, accidentally ignited bedding bed and mattress. At that time, the room was closed, the grandfather outside the room completely unaware.

"I consult a doctor, if to Nanning for treatment, the cost is about 100 thousand yuan." Aunt Xiang Qiqi’s aunt said, desperation, she put things to the Internet, to help people love the community, I hope enthusiastic people can help her tide over difficulties.

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