Automotive beauty shop location should pay attention to what matters

the number of cars surge, car beauty franchise business is also very prosperous, so many friends want to open a car beauty shop. No matter what shop, location is very important. If you want to have a good car franchise business, location can not be ignored, the following three aspects are very important.

3, shop duolong city effect. For automotive beauty decoration industry is concerned, the more the number of shops, the formation of a certain professional market effect, the marginal area of the more customers. But the city also brought store dolong full competition, choose the shop in these places, must be in the product, service and reputation more efforts, ahead of the competition in these areas.   4, the store’s topography and orientation. When considering the store, we should also consider the natural factors such as the direction of the store, the intensity of sunshine and the degree of sunshine.

In fact,

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