Chinese food and beverage industry service requirements

it is well known that the civilization of the Chinese nation is the only ancient civilization that has not been interrupted. Table manners will naturally be exquisite, but even Chinese must understand are read without thorough understanding the following small, simple to introduce several basic table manners.

, a Chinese training seating arrangement

if it is a general dinner, may wish to introduce to the guests at the time of the seating ceremony; if the high specification of the banquet, the party will be in the booking stage to consult the owner’s views and requirements. Western guests in front of the seat, used to directly led by the waiter to his own seat.

Chinese food training two, cuisine introduction

the main dishes of Chinese cuisine are popular all over the world, and most of the dishes are acceptable. In the introduction, the waiter should be detailed, infectious, and patient, and then ask the guests or their translation to make a choice. Pay attention to recommend, most Western guests are not in the habit of eating animal offal, wing tips, claws "bits and pieces".

Chinese food training three, food service

serving Western guests, the first lady after the man, the Japanese ignore the principle of first ladies, and focus on the identity of the guests.

Chinese food training four, delicious and custom

allows guests to enjoy Chinese food can enjoy the taste of Chinese dishes and service characteristics, but also fully respect the guests’ eating habits and living habits.

below we will select several major countries and regions, the need to pay attention to the training of Chinese food to do a presentation:


do not use plum, lotus flowers in the decoration cloth; love Sakura and carp. When seated, love eating raw food, such as sashimi etc..


do not use the elephant, the peacock flower decoration cloth; love rose. They like the taste of light food, food requirements of good quality, variety of patterns, pay attention to nutrition. Have a special preference for beef.


do not use the crane in spades, furnishings napkin flower; love lily. They love less variety, meat collocation. Usually do not eat MSG, eat more alcohol, drinking, eating ice cream, fruit, coffee or tea.