How much beer agent

beer? In the market, many people like to drink beer. Of course, the choice of business to join the beer project, open their own beer stores, is also very has the opportunity. High quality entrepreneurial projects, the best choice for successful entrepreneurship!

beer agent how much money? The beer is expensive? Many people want to go to the agent of beer, but does not understand Zhapi agent how much money, don’t worry, Xiaobian to introduce draft agent how much money here, to help you understand the beer agency industry situation.

beer agent how much money? Snow colorful Zhapi jiamengfei county level: ranging from 2–5 million yuan

snow and colorful training period: one month

snow colorful Zhapi contract period: three years

snow and colorful operating conditions: 500 square meters of barbecue square or hotel

China Resources Snow Breweries Ltd was founded in 1994, is a production, management of beer, beverages, wholly foreign-owned enterprises. Headquartered in Beijing, china. Its shareholders are China Resources Enterprise Ltd and the world’s second largest beer group SABMiller. At present, Huarun Snow Beer more than 60 breweries in Chinese 19 provinces in the mainland business, occupy China beer market share of 80%, so how much beer agent is not a problem.

China Resources Snow Breweries Ltd has more than and 30 regional brands, in many of the Chinese market in the regional advantage. Zhapi agent how much money? Snow Beer Huarun 2007 production and sales of more than 690 million liters, the company’s total production and sales again beyond other domestic beer enterprises, sales of the largest beer enterprises have become China. The company mainly engaged in: beer, colorful beer, snow beer, beer beer business agent.