How much is Le Yizhi to learn Home Furnishing jiamengfei

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according to the Royal Academy of Sciences found that people often play puzzle products, people do not play than the average IQ of about 11 points higher than the brain’s open thinking ability. And educational products for people of all ages to play, we can see that the market is very wide range of intellectual products. So how much money for children’s intellectual products to join it?

Le Yizhi Home Furnishing learn the continuous improvement of technology, a few years time, will learn music children’s educational Home Furnishing series products become the puzzle desk series, Home Furnishing point card series, small plane projection cards and other types of help, more and more parents realize the purpose of early education. Children’s educational products to join the need for how much money to learn music fun home to join, as long as 1~3 million.

Le Yizhi home brings together the world’s leading children’s education concept, a comprehensive solution to the problem of early childhood education for parents. It can be seen, can read and write the sound Home Furnishing, can teach children to learn poetry, painting, English learning, effectively cultivate children’s interest in learning, so that children can learn knowledge in playing at the same time, for the children to build a more open learning space, effectively develop children’s intelligence and beauty and practical ability. Children’s educational products to join the need for how much money to join the school to learn Le Yizhi home, join the low cost, make money fast.

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