To see how the Japanese Hot pot

said you must have a variety of Chinese style hot pot brand in the minds of today we do not talk about Chinese hot pot, we want to talk about the Japanese hot pot. You will be very curious, Japan is not the most popular sushi? There are hot pot, we can compare with China? Oh, you don’t look down upon the Japanese Hot pot.

according to reports, the Japanese Hot pot is connected, it is many kinds of soup, including seafood soup, exquisite, Hot pot Hot pot etc.. Among them, "Shou hi hot pot" was invented by Japanese farmers. The legend of ancient Japanese have the habit of eating Hot pot, farmers will fish and vegetables into the pit on the pot, cook and eat. From the latter half of the nineteenth Century, the popular way to eat hot pot in Japan, people will cut into thin slices of beef and seafood, vegetables, etc. together in the pot boil, eat raw eggs with sauce, soy sauce and sugar made of seasonings. Now, the Japanese hot pot and further development, regardless of the bottom of the soup, materials or condiments, are much more than the previous attention. Japanese hot pot features, in particular, is a special focus on health and nutrition. Specifically, is to emphasize the original flavor of hot pot, pay attention to the origin of the material.


diet is a culture that is important to the appetite of diners and the formation of their own store style. Japanese hot pot shop environment is generally set up in Japan FEEL. For example, the ascension of the hot pot table, in accordance with the Japanese to eat hot pot habits.

soup: kelp soup

is the soul of Hot pot soup, Japanese Hot pot soup is more exquisite taste and nutritional benefits in kelp (a deep-sea seaweed), dried fish or miso soup, light, highlighting the original delicious material. The Japanese believe that the delicious soup, is equivalent to provide a good stage of hot pot material, so to undertake the taste of the performance can be more perfect.

is the most popular in Japan in the soup is a soup". It consists of natural dry kelp and dried fish slice after grinding, boiling, filtering and precipitation over a long time, kelp and dried fish fusion and sweet taste, taste the most likely leads to Hot pot material. There is a kelp soup, will be cut into 10 cm length of laminaria, add water and a certain proportion of seasonings, cook Weihuo taste, the most suitable collocation seafood.

material: from origin


material is Hot pot body, it absorbs the essence soup also retains its own flavor, the material is very exquisite Japanese Hot pot "origin", which is very particular about the food origin of beef in Kobe is not Guangzhou local beef. People say "Hot pot shop tunnel, which is one of the reasons the materials are authentic, such as Hokkaido, Kobe, Kagoshima black Yuanbei beef pork are authentic imported from japan.

in addition to the Japanese hot pot material