A rural woman in the road of Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship need to adhere to more patience Net

entrepreneurial shop has a lot of business opportunities, many people face boring work life, choose to embark on their own entrepreneurial path, in the entrepreneurial path on the part of the crowd, as long as you want to put into action. Entrepreneurship need to stick to, but also need patience. As long as the determination of the cause, no matter how much the face of difficulties, we must go all the way." In March 8th, in the Dabie Mountain Area of the Shihe River District of Henan city of Xinyang Wu Zhen, Liu Furong’s words of her dream business firm.

is located in the upper reaches of Huaihe and the north of Dabie Mountain in Xinyang is the old revolutionary base areas rich land of plenty, here is rich in tea, tea oil, letinous edodes, fungus, chestnut, honeysuckle and other natural agricultural products, but restricted by the economic conditions and location factors, these delicacies owe free market.

2014, through the market survey and data of previous research, Liu Furong found the green natural pollution-free agricultural products sold in the shop is very busy, for Xinyang tea, Chinese chestnut, edible fungus and other agricultural products to open the of sales channels. Why not set up business platform to the promotion and sales of agricultural products in Xinyang? Do chouzhunshiji she was incorporated in a home appliance business.

"the native home sold all over the country through the shop, make agricultural products through the recommended