Shop operators win heart is more important than profit net

in the process of shop operators, each operator will have different concerns, some shopkeepers will be very focused on profit and ignore the services to consumers, and some shopkeepers are more focused on customer service in profit at the same time, just to win more customers. Different business strategies adopted, the development of the store may have a different development. Here Xiaobian suggested that shop operators, but more important to win the heart than profit oh.

"profit" can be said to be the ultimate goal of all types of operators, however, as a commodity circulation chain in a link of the operator in order to achieve profitability, must not be separated from its downstream terminal – customers. Therefore, the profit is more to win the heart, to be good at grasping the customer heart.

cigarette retailers need more. In recent years, in accordance with the requirements of cigarette consumption service industry, the cigarette retail terminal construction efforts to further increase, accelerate the development of small, standardized retail terminal coverage to further improve, promote the competitive environment of cigarette retail market has been improved effectively. Therefore, in an increasingly standardized cigarette market environment, by means of unfair competition means "profit" more and more work, but to see who is more adept at winning the hearts of customers, stability and expand customer groups, stabilize and expand business profits.

for cigarette retailers, win heart at least three points:

is a shop arrangement to be careful. To do items placed orderly with bright windows and clean tables. Otherwise, it is not respect for the value of goods, but also to the customer’s respect, because customers here in the consumer will feel insecure. In particular, cigarette display, to be vivid, eye-catching, saturated, to attract customer attention, stimulate the desire to buy, meet the needs of the purchase.

two is to treat customers with enthusiasm. The door for customers, whether it is "customer first" or "repeat", don’t start straight to the point, ask the customer "what to do" and "what" and "how much to buy"…… Don’t let the customer feel you are always staring at his pockets, the best talk topics outside things, many customers praise, such as the elderly love you praise him health, women love you praise her beautiful, love you say she’s smart and lively children…… Sometimes, even a white lie, but the customer is never tired, always feel you are very concerned about him, care for him, respect him……

three is to be sincere business. Integrity management is to do their own store signs, for their own personality brand. Only the integrity of business, reputation can be done far, do ring, business can do long, do wang.

once recognized by the customer, such shops are also worried about the latter can not be developed? Therefore, in the two aspects of profit and win the heart, the heart is relatively more worthy of choice, which for the long-term development of the shop