New achievements in the construction of new style of work to promote the development of Xining

August 6th, the construction work leading group Xining municipal Party convened (enlarged) meeting, in-depth study and implement the central and provincial Party’s mass line educational practice the spirit of the meeting, the city’s educational practice preparatory work arrangements. Su Rongzuo, deputy secretary of municipal Party committee leadership team leader.

Su Rong pointed out that the city as the second batch of educational practice activities in the region, according to the central and provincial requirements, in line with the work early deployment, early finding, early to carry out research, build solid carrier early thinking, the preparatory work.

Su Rong stressed that to solve the four winds problem is the main task of educational practice, do the preparatory work, to promote the style change in real work, hard effort, promote the new development of Xining to build a new performance style. To carry out good educational practice, the key is to learn the spirit of the central and provincial Party committee, to understand and implement. To put research as a priority among priorities of the preparatory work, to implement the provisions of Article 15 of the provisions of the eight Central and provincial government 21, the municipal government as the starting point, combined with the cadres masses of grassroots service activities, carry out the "six" and "three questions". To continue to promote remediation Yong, lazy, scattered, extravagant special activities, in violation of the provisions of the central and provincial cities to implement the high voltage line, to maintain zero tolerance". To fully grasp the completion of the objectives and tasks, and strive to seek progress in the province’s target assessment, excellent.

Su Rong stressed that the development of national unity and progress to create an advanced area, the provincial Party committee made a major strategic plan, but also the province’s educational practice of free action". We must firmly grasp the key to this foundation, educate and guide the economic development of the core, improve people’s livelihood, the fundamental guarantee of civilization, the construction of peace in Xining to create the carrier, the leadership of the party, the elaboration of the program, combined with the organic integration, create a hierarchical classification, enhance the connotation and extension of advanced areas to create, to make it more rich Xining characteristics and the characteristics of the times, and strive to walk in the forefront of the province.

city leaders Bi Xiaoning, Zhang Yonghai attended the meeting. (author: Zhang Qian)