Lanzhou Xinjiang high iron highest altitude power transmission substation

The 6 day at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, the construction of the China Railway Electrification Bureau Group Three, the highest elevation of the traction substation, Lanzhou Xinjiang high iron dry beach substation a successful transmission, display all the parameters and the normal operation of equipment. The dry beach traction substation is a substation traction in Qinghai Province, the northernmost second Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway, located in the Qilian mountains, 3545 meters above sea level, at the end of June 2013 officially started construction, is the highest elevation, the difficulty of construction across the board’s largest substation. The transmission success for new high-speed LAN Gan Qing section electrification project successfully completed and laid a solid foundation, creating a grand new high-speed rail line will be open to traffic smoothly. It is reported that the Qinghai section is the Lanzhou Xinjiang high iron line finally entered the FBI test area, in addition to electrical engineering, debugging for the roadbed, track the rest of the system are also being carried out. At the end of December this year, the global high altitude area so far more than 250 kilometers per hour the first high-speed railway will be officially opened.