Bars don’t pay attention to business

business process, a lot of points if you do not pay attention, I am afraid that the development of the business will be very negative. As the saying goes, do great things, not to stick at trifles. However, as a retailer, if in the usual business sales also tend not to stick at trifles, lost business, lost customers, The loss outweighs the gain.

friend Zhang told me that he was in the business of one thing. That day, he was busy in his shop. In a moment, in a middle-aged man dressed in dirty, want to buy a knife. The knife Zhang Shop buckle more varieties, middle-aged man shilly-shally, I do not know what brand to buy. At this time, and came in a young customer, want to buy a fan.

so, Zhang will warmly welcome young customers, and the middle-aged man in the cold aside. Middle aged man asked several openings Zhang, Xiao Zhang are used to wait for you to deal with the past. Soon, a middle-aged man face very reluctantly to leave, Zhang also did not care too much. He thought, a knife can make a piece of money, and a fan can earn more than and 10 yuan. Finally, the young customers pick for a long time, the end result of Italian fans can not buy the store.

second days, Zhang stood outside the shop and when people talk, the middle-aged man first day to come to the shop to buy a knife, next to the shop and bought a lot of metal materials and supplies. As a middle-aged man left, Zhang went to the shop next door to the old said, you made today, suddenly sold so many things. He told Zhang, this one is a construction site of the purchaser, he wanted to buy something in your shop. But you didn’t pay much attention to him, so he came to my shop. Listen to the old words, Zhang regret.

‘s experience reminds me of a story on the internet. There is a sales staff, specializing in the sale of office supplies. Once, he went to a Private Companies to sell office desks and chairs. In the general manager’s office, see the general manager of the company, logistics supervisor and other leaders in the next, another is cleaning the old man.

so, he skillfully describes the style of products, quality and price, soon CEOs have the intention of making a purchase, and told him that if the product is true, we can sign the contract for 20 thousand yuan. Seeing the sales success, he psyche happy side, promised a few days to send samples, while at the same time pulled out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, point to the presence of the leaders, said some kind words, and said goodbye.

however, when he contacted the company again, the logistics supervisor told him that the company did not intend to take the product. He asked what caused the company to change its mind. The other side bluntly, the boss’s father-in-law suspected your price is too high, to persuade the boss to buy someone else’s. Mister father-in-law know how my high price? The business manager looked at him and said that his father-in-law was the old man who swept the floor