He said to me he said the city is a popular language of the people

day, Xining evening news joint of each district in Xining, a city that went into the community, into the public house, and newspaper in our city a city work carried out publicity and reports, a vivid report, a series of carefully planned activities, has aroused widespread influence in the general public, even the day the reporter to take to the streets to now, on the bus or in the street, always hear the people of the city and the subject of hot debate.

has a "rain water on the umbrella, we still use plastic bag, or if the drop to the ground, and the old man and the child is not good, not to mention a city now, don’t let people feel that we are not the quality of the people." In a large shopping mall in the city, two women shopping, while using plastic bags from the water dripping umbrella, while chatting. Xining Chuangwei successful, has now proposed to hit the city, the pace of development in Xining is really more and more quickly, more and more cities feel." In the bus station waiting for the young people commented. "" Xining Evening News "reported that the citizens of a city to now collect golden ideas, perhaps now we should also actively participate in a time, in front of health town, we can all be activists oh." In the center of the square just finished an aunt told the old sisters. "We now have a positive action, a city from the beginning of the children, let the children understand why a city, how to let the children become civilized youth, we are currently using the class meeting and other forms of propaganda to the children." 54 primary school official told reporters.