Expand the scope of legal aid

from this year, our province will expand the application scope of legal aid, legal aid application economic difficulties for the adjustment of the standard of "urban and rural residents (Pastoral) according to the residents of our province is located in the minimum living standard of 3 times or less, have the right to apply for legal aid, the legal aid coverage expanded to low-income groups gradually, the difficulties of the masses to benefit more. This is March 18th, the reporter learned from the provincial legal aid work conference.

continue to reduce the threshold of legal aid to help more people to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of vulnerable groups, is a major trend of legal aid. After years of exploration, at present, our province will be the foundation of legal aid object request covering the scope of legal aid in provisions of the State Council "Legal Aid Ordinance" and the "Qinghai provincial regulations on legal aid" economic difficulties of citizens, gradually will be closely linked to matters involving labor security, marriage and family, food and medicine, medical education and the people’s livelihood into supplementary legal aid matters. The scope of legal aid will be provided in accordance with the conditions of judicial expertise assistance and notarization assistance cases. Due to natural disasters, serious illness and other force majeure caused by difficulties in the lives of workers, zero employment families, the elderly, orphans, left-behind children as legal aid object.

of the difficulties of the masses of employment, schooling, medical care, social security and other areas and actively provide legal aid cases, litigation and non litigation agency services, will focus on migrant workers, laid-off workers, women, minors, the elderly, disabled and military dependents and other groups of legal aid work. Explore the establishment of legal aid to participate in the complaint agency system, to carry out the pilot, and gradually will not accept the judicial organs of civil and administrative judgments, decisions, lawyers can not afford to hire a lawyer into the scope of legal aid. The establishment of the Qinghai Provincial Department of the 12348 legal service call center "in the Department of justice, the integration of legal resources

, expand the telephone consultation service function, give full play to the legal advice, legal knowledge, and guide the masses to protect the rights of the role of law. To further standardize the construction of legal aid window, conditional Township judiciary to set up legal aid window to ensure that more than 90% of the county legal aid agencies to complete the standardization of the reception hall.