Keep an eye on the target depth to create

February 27th, the city held a meeting of the United Front, the Secretary general. Deputy Secretary of Municipal Committee and Secretary Su Rong, Minister of municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman, municipal Party Committee United Front Liu Fade, vice mayor of Jiuchen Kim attended the meeting.

Su Rong stressed at the meeting, the United Front, the people were working to accurately grasp the new requirements, and effectively improve the initiative and effectiveness, adhere to the problem oriented, adhere to the bottom line of thinking, to create national unity and progress of advanced areas as the goal, and effectively improve the United Front, the people were working ability and level. Keep an eye on the goal of "two years of strong foundation work, carry out the work to create national unity and progress of advanced areas, to effectively solve the problems affecting national unity efforts in innovative work methods and ideas in the work, and actively create atmosphere to create highlights efforts in research efforts work earnestly.

Su Rong, Xining province’s stability to firmly establish the awareness, earnestly work in the field of ethnic and religious stability, give full play to the Buddhist Association, the Islamic Association, the association and other religious groups of bridges, to encourage and support. Give full play to the advantages of the United Front, do a solid job in the Democratic Party Federation work, strengthen the construction of democratic parties, unswervingly encourage, support and guide non-public economic development, building a strong and effective leadership, the establishment of a resolutely support the party’s leadership, adhere to the socialist road China characteristics of the non-public economy representatives team. To further strengthen the non-public economy representatives of Ideological and political work, and guide non-public economies to actively participate in and support the glorious career, extensive and non-public economy to establish and perfect the heart friends, regular contact mechanism, combined with the party’s mass line of educational practice, and actively guide non-public economic enterprises to carry out extensive work to create national unity and progress of advanced areas.

Liu Fade from eight aspects of the work in 2014 to arrange the deployment.