Tiger held public employment recruitment will be 4 hours and 8900 jobs

golden bridge employment fairs held in the south of cool tiger Taiwan Ruins Park, because most of the jobs the recruitment qualifications, age and work experience requirements for job seekers are not high, 4 hours, job seekers as many as 8900 people, the intention to reach 1346 people.

to participate in the recruitment of 124 home units involved in manufacturing, finance, transportation, construction, wholesale and retail, such as the top 19 categories, the more than and 60 industries. Provide 2561 jobs, not only executives, engineers, technicians and R & D, general jobs, most of them work on the job seekers age, qualifications and work experience requirements are not high, the employer’s low threshold to become a major highlight of the fair, also attracted many people to apply for a job.

tiger Taiwan Street office party secretary Qi Zhiwei said that the golden bridge employment recruitment fair is jointly organized by the tiger Taiwan office and the Qinghai youth more Human Resources Inc a public employment recruitment, mainly to provide a good platform for the employment of college graduates in our province and various types of job seekers, provide jobs required talents and people in our province reserve personnel for each unit, also provide convenient employment as Taiwan residents difficult.