Our province administrative 13th Five Year development plan formulated

recently, according to the spirit of the provincial government and the Ministry of justice in 13th Five-Year "plan, combined with the actual administration of justice, the Justice Department issued the" Qinghai provincial administrative work during the period of "13th Five-Year" development plan "," 13th Five-Year "during the scientific development of the province’s judicial administrative work plan deployment.

the "Outline" from the law enforcement work into the forefront of the country, the people’s mediation work, and promote legal services to comprehensively strengthen the work of seven aspects, reviews the main achievements and basic experience of Qinghai administration of justice "in 12th Five-Year" period. Scientific analysis of the current difficulties faced by the province’s judicial and administrative work, problems and situations. Put forward the overall goal of the judicial administrative work during the period of 13th Five-Year ". Pointed out that the development goal focus on comprehensive deepening reform, strengthening the base construction, the construction of the three team, and constantly improve the judicial administrative work system, strengthen the judicial and administrative functions, by 2020, efforts to form a complete functions and responsibilities, strict law enforcement, excellent service, safeguard the judicial administrative work pattern.