Public institutions in the province of the year the end of the year to sign up for an open recruitme

Recently, the province in 2016 and the provinces of Xining, Haidong, Hainan, Haixi and other public institutions to apply for registration of the successful completion of the recruitment. Recruitment and enrollment hit a single high over the years, the average proportion of posts to 15.5:1, the effect of the recruitment of tilt policy guidance is more obvious. At present, the recruitment of online registration, online qualification, on-site audit and other key aspects of the work has been fully completed.

reporter learned from the Provincial Department of human resources and social security, this year, the provincial and Xining city and other institutions to participate in the national Ministry of human resources and social security personnel testing center organized by the national unified written examination. The province announced the recruitment of 2955, qualified candidates to apply for the candidates for the province’s institutions over the years in the recruitment of a single job recruitment and examination of the largest number of applicants a year in. To participate in the examination of candidates 1591 people, recruitment positions of the 307. There are 78 positions because no eligible candidates signed up to be a vacancy, mainly concentrated in the province of universities and research institutions of the special post doctoral and master’s degree and post recruitment unit and the shortage of jobs. Primary and secondary school teachers and medical institutions to recruit a total of 12554 medical staff enrollment, enrollment accounted for nearly 3 into the medical and health institutions at all levels of medical staff enrollment number is 2619.

according to the provincial government unified deployment, this year our province continue to adjust and perfect the recruitment policy, the key to the minority, six candidates, service project students and other groups inclined, registration stage has achieved remarkable results, with the province residence, the province and the province college graduate students and other conditions of the candidates to reach 96.3% (last year 95.8%); minority students accounted for 47%; the graduates accounted for 17.2%; all kinds of service project graduates accounted for 6%. At the same time, statistical analysis showed that, with bachelor degree or above this year registration staff candidates reached 30084 people, accounting for 67.2% of the total number of candidates than last year, an increase of 4 percentage points, of which, there are 45 doctoral students, 2323 graduate.

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recruitment, human resources and social security departments at all levels, personnel examination institutions, 12333 hotline arrangements for patient and meticulous work to do a good job of policy advice.