Wang Yubo stressed that farmers really benefit from the real change

the afternoon of October 16th, vice secretary of Xining Municipal Committee, mayor Wang Yubo accompanied by Vice Mayor Liu Tianhai, led the city’s public security, finance, human society, civil affairs, health, family planning, education, publicity department, city area, deep water mill village north of the city in twenty districts in the town, in-depth research on the progress of household registration system reform work. Direct dialogue with the villagers, listen to grassroots feedback. The user change, the use right of farmers and Homestead Land Contract management rights protected by law; to continue to enjoy the one-child policy, double female households; who meet the policy, can be incorporated into the city residents; the new rural cooperative medical insurance for urban residents can be free to choose…… The mayor and the relevant departments of the villagers raised questions and concerns on-site answers and explanations, for farmers and friends eat a grain of "reassurance".

Wang Yubo stressed that the essence of the change is to promote the production of farmers, lifestyle changes. The superimposed effect of the policy, from the broader field and greater efforts to promote rural development and promoting the well-off farmers, so that farmers enjoy more public resources and public services, live in the city’s life, make their lives richer, more happy.

Wang Yubo pointed out that the household should grasp the "reform work for the benefit of farmers is to treat the farmers requirements, basic principles of reducing a farmer is the task", through extensive publicity, let the farmers know and understand the national and provincial policies; through careful work, earnestly implement the policy in place, to achieve seamless connection to discover and study; and solve the existing problems, continue to accumulate experience, and constantly improve the policy, the farmers, to do things well.

Xining Province as the focus of the work of the province to change the work, Wang Yubo to promote the work of the city to promote the work of the specific requirements: first, adhere to the direction of reform. Accelerate the pace of urbanization is the focus of work for a long time in the future. To promote the reform of the household registration system is an urgent requirement to speed up the development and transformation of the mode of development, is an important way to co-ordinate urban and rural and regional development, is an important guarantee for improving people’s livelihood and social harmony. To change the work of the household as the starting point and the carrier to promote urbanization, the overall situation in Xining to develop thinking and planning. Two is to adhere to the law. Follow the laws of the development of urbanization, follow the rules of the development of the city, the research to different situations in different areas, to local conditions, village system, combined with the actual pilot. Three is to adhere to people-oriented. In the reform of the work of the farmers should be based on the correct handling of the interests of farmers, and fully respect the wishes of farmers, strong guidance without forcing the order to benefit farmers as the fundamental purpose. Four is to insist on urban and rural co-ordination. The family changed the background work on regional urban and rural development under the thinking, active research area of industrial development, follow-up households changed the carrying capacity of the city, improve the city public facilities, public services, health care, education, pension and other farmers, well, through urban and rural development in the. Five is to actively and steadily. To implement the responsibility to change the work of households. Governments at all levels and departments to reflect a very positive and very active working conditions in the households to change work, learning to thoroughly understand the policy, implement the existing political propaganda;