The second Chinese Qinghai The Belt and Road Financial Development Forum held

6 22, second China (Qinghai) "The Belt and Road" Financial Development Forum held in Xining. Governor Hao Peng attended the forum. Provincial Standing Committee and executive vice governor Zhang Guangrong, deputy director of the State Department counselor Wang Hong speech.

Zhang Guangrong said in his speech pointed out that in recent years, the Qinghai provincial government to seriously implement the Party Central Committee and State Council decision to further improve the local financial system, accelerate the development of multi-level capital market, vigorously promote financial inclusion and green finance, the financial industry has become a new pillar industry of Qinghai. Last year, I first tried to organize "The Belt and Road" financial development forum, the relevant departments of the state and province inside and outside the relevant aspects of the positive response and support, and achieved good results. This forum is the success of last year’s inaugural Chinese (Qinghai) continuation and upgrade The Belt and Road "financial development forum, higher level and bigger, to explore new ideas for the construction of financial power" The Belt and Road ", to seek new opportunities for regional development, create a new pattern of development cooperation. We will use this platform and opportunity, and vigorously promote financial reform and innovation, expand two-way opening of the financial industry, deepen regional financial cooperation, strengthen financial intermediation, effectively gather and optimize the allocation of financial resources, the ability to continuously optimize and enhance financial services.

Wang Hong said in his speech, Qinghai vigorously promote the construction of The Belt and Road ", is not only a major strategy to implement the national development, Qinghai is also actively integrate into the overall situation of national development in the new stage of development, seize new opportunities, new energy innovation, seek new development of major initiatives. Finance is the core of modern economy, Qinghai’s rapid economic and social development to provide a broad space for cooperation for the financial industry, the reform and innovation of the development of the financial industry also need to play an exemplary role in the practice of Qinghai sample, believe that through the integration of development, the status of the pillar industries of the financial industry in Qinghai’s economic structure will be further consolidated, "The Belt and Road" the strategy will also be for the real economy and the financial sector in Qinghai integration and development to create more opportunities and possibilities.

from the domestic economy, the financial sector of the well-known experts and relevant departments in charge of the province more than 200 people attended the forum.

China Huarong Asset Management Limited by Share Ltd chairman Lai Xiaomin, Chinese CBRC Fan Wenzhong, director of the International Department of the people’s Bank of Chinese Financial Research Institute deputy director Ji Min, deputy governor of the ICBC Hu Hao, Chinese Construction Bank Deputy Governor Yu Jingbo and other experts in their respective fields, respectively with the theme speech and speech.