Relax the conditions of access to private capital

recently, the province combined with the actual proposed ten policy measures to further promote investment, increase investment in private capital, in order to accelerate the cultivation and development of market players.

policy measures clear requirements, all levels of government and relevant departments and the industrial park to implement a series of hundred-percent support investment, encourage private investment policy, smooth policy "last mile" to ensure the equal treatment for all types of investors. At the same time, to further relax the conditions of the private capital market access, encourage private capital into infrastructure, basic industries, social undertakings and other laws and regulations do not explicitly prohibit industries and areas of access, encourage private capital to participate in the reform of state-owned enterprises, to participate in the construction of operation of natural monopoly, government funds and state-owned enterprises in the investment field, and enjoy the same public the price of services, tax support, land supply policy treatment. The Industrial Park Administrative Committee, the government departments at all levels should actively assist the various types of investment entities to handle the relevant tax procedures, fully enjoy preferential tax policies. The finance department in conjunction with the relevant departments of industry, and gradually increase the financial investment, further integration of financial support funds, give full play to the guiding role of financial funds to support the project quality, investment and the development of enterprises, promote the supply side structural reform. The financial sector will be innovative financing services, and effectively solve the problem of corporate investment and private investment financing. Human resources and social security departments will vigorously support the project with technical personnel stationed, introduce the project and investment through the introduction, to solve the shortage of high-level personnel problems.

in addition, according to the needs of the provincial government to arrange a certain special funds, units and individuals for the adjustment of industrial structure of Qinghai and the economic and social development, with the construction of ecological civilization and green development requirements of the excellent investment projects have made outstanding contributions to reward the introduction. And the full implementation of the power list, list of responsibility system, comprehensive clean-up of administrative fees related enterprises, the full liberalization of the EIA, safety evaluation, rating market, standardize intermediary service charges. Governments at all levels, relevant departments and industrial parks to increase policy advocacy efforts, so that every investor, each operator to understand the policy, familiar with the policy, the policy dividend into a development dividend. Further improve the supervision and inspection system to ensure the implementation of the policy measures in place.