We must implement the party’s Huimin policy

eve of the Spring Festival, the provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng, governor Wang Jianjun and provincial Party Committee on behalf of the provincial Party Committee visited condolences to the grass-roots party members, the difficulties of the masses, cadres in the village, for them to send cordial greetings and blessings of the new year.

1 23, provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng came to Tu Autonomous County town of Dongdan Dan Ma Ma village. The villagers Shang Qibang hearing disability, Zhang know his life situation, encourage him to be optimistic, peace of mind. The 63 year old Dan Shou Rendang over 30 years of village cadres, Wang Guosheng took hold of his hand affectionately said: "the old party, the old party made a contribution to the development of the village, the party and the government will not forget!"

in the village courtyard, Wang Guosheng and Jiang Guihua, college-graduate village official 061base Yao Xueming handshake, asked in detail about the village "five star civilized households create work for the masses, etc., to encourage them to serve the people heart and soul.

came to Dong Gou Xiang Da Zhuang Cun, Dongming Fu village one family dressed in national costumes, the Secretary Wang welcomed into the home. This year, 83 year old Dongming veterans. Wang Guosheng took the old man’s hand, and he had a conversation, a detailed understanding of his physical condition, life. To understand the children and grandchildren of the elderly are particularly good, Wang Guosheng praised their tradition well, wish him longevity and health, family happiness. The 81 year old Diao Yu Zhuo has 50 years of Party standing. Wang Guosheng and the old man pulled home. Diao Yuzhuo excitedly said that the party and government policy is good, the rural elderly can now get retirement wages. Wang Guosheng said to the county and township cadres, we must implement the party’s Huimin policy, so that the lives of the villagers have been effectively protected.

1, 23, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, governor Wang Jianjun visited condolences in Golmud. In Lemu Guo De Zhen Xing Fu Xiao Qu difficult old party Sirige Lin, the old man took him and his wife to see the governor study notes, see two notebook Gonggongzhengzheng with Mongolian copy of the constitution, Wang Jianjun pleased to praise them well written, wish them over the more prosperous days. He also encouraged the village cadres Haifeng care to help poor people’s production and life, the masses of things, encourage with disabilities college-graduate village official Ma Yan unremitting self-improvement, to realize the value of life. Visit in Haixi power company family of more than and 80 year old retired Party member Zhao Shenggang, saw him and his wife Wang Jianjun hale and hearty, very happy, wish them health and longevity.

day, the Provincial Standing Committee, Dorje Geltan Ma Shunqing, Wang Xiaoyong, Wang Xiao, Zhang Ximing and Wang Yubo respectively to the public insurance Tashi, Yushu, Haiyan, Jianzha, Tongren, Datong, mutual aid, Xining, visit condolences to the poor and needy people, entitled groups, disabled persons, grassroots cadres, Party members and old party members, out of difficulties the crucial line of Party members and cadres, difficult college-graduate village official grassroots party workers, etc..

Yan Jinhai, Yang Fengchun participated in related activities.