Xining part of the public security fund serious breach of the larger gap

days ago from the city real estate bureau reporter learned Zhiguangongfang, part of Xining City real estate departments at present serious danger, and the amount of rain this year, it is leaking even in case of rain". Public houses by the real estate management departments have been used to repair the maintenance fund, the current maintenance fund gap is larger, the urgent need for maintenance, maintenance fund to be solved.

it is understood that the 4 housing part of original city real estate bureau, 4 District Housing Bureau was established to integrate the Xining Real Estate Group Co. Ltd., 340 thousand square meters of the original Zhiguangongfang 8 units by the company in a dilapidated buildings of 60 thousand square meters in the zhiguangongfang. These houses scattered, roof leaks, wall cracks, ground subsidence, wood decay, whole house deformation and insect security risks everywhere, the maintenance is imminent.

at present, Xining City real estate management department began to repair the dilapidated Zhiguangongfang, but most Zhiguangongfang was built in 50s and 60s last century, no facilities, and rent collection difficult maintenance fund gap. According to the statistics of all public houses, this needs to maintain public houses by 439 households were 1?. 80 thousand square meters, of which there are 116 new households, need maintenance fund 5 million 470 thousand yuan, the maintenance management department to raise 800 thousand yuan, but there is still a gap of 4 million 670 thousand yuan.

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, the next two months or more rain water. City Real Estate Board hopes to give strong support to the relevant departments, while calling on people to donate funds and social insight of some maintenance funds, to ensure the safety of the lives and property of residents. (author: Xiao Yu)